Boy, 10, dies in latest missile strike horror

The attack in Kharkiv came a day after a rocket blitz destroyed a village cafe, killing 52 people.

Missiles began raining down on Ukraine’s second-largest city in the early hours of yesterday.

The 10-year-old was killed when a residential building was hit, said Mayor Ihor Terekhov – adding that Russia likely used Iskander ballistic missiles.

An incensed Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky tweeted soon after: “A boy, 10 years old…My condolences to his family and loved ones!

“All the injured are receiving the necessary assistance.

“The rescue operation is ongoing and I thank everyone who is helping our people.

“I also express my gratitude to all our warriors who, despite ­everything, are moving forward, defeating the occupiers, and ­bringing justice for Russian crimes closer. Our resilience, our movement, and the daily losses of the occupiers are the response to Russian terror.”

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The atrocity came as authorities struggled with the aftermath of a savage Russian attack on north-eastern village Hroza, which killed 52, including a boy aged eight.

A United Nations field team was preparing to inspect the scene of devastation yesterday, as further tales of personal tragedy continued to emerge.

Most of the victims had been attending the funeral of a Ukrainian soldier, who lived locally, and were sitting down for a meal when the horror began on Thursday. The man’s widow, their son and daughter-in-law were said to be among the dead.

Interior minister Ihor Klymenko said: “From every household, there were people present.” In condemning Russia, Ukraine’s defence ministry noted there were no military targets in the area.

Maria Avdeeva, a Ukrainian security analyst and journalist, said: “We can presume that someone give out the information about the place and the time of the gathering of these people

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“On Russian propaganda channels, they circulate information that there was a military gathering for the funeral, which is false and untrue because this was mainly a civilian ceremony.”

Kharkiv regional head Oleh Syniehubov called the attack one of the region’s “bloodiest crimes”, as “one fifth of this village died in a single terrorist attack”.

The US responded by saying it showed why Western support must continue, while Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the dozens of civilian killings “demonstrated the depths of depravity Russian forces are willing to sink to”.

Moscow has not commented on the Hroza attack, but confirmed it had carried out 20 air and artillery strikes in the wider district.

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