Boy, 3, refuses to lie down while being sedated for surgery

Adorable moment stubborn little boy refuses to lie down after being sedated for surgery

  • Little Messiah from Louisville Kentucky needed some minor hospital treatment
  • The three-year-old boy needed the bones in his arm reset after breaking them
  • His mother Jayla filmed medics attempting to sedate her determined young son 

This the adorable moment a three-year-old boy was fighting to remain awake while medics gave him sedatives ahead of surgery. 

Little Messiah, from Louisville, Kentucky was being filmed by his mother Jayla while the youngster was about to undergo surgery on his broken arm. 

A doctor tried to gently coax the young boy to lean back as the sedatives were making their way into his system. 

Little Messiah, pictured, from Louisville, Kentucky, pictured, was determined not to fall asleep despite the best efforts of medics to prepare him for surgery 

Doctors tried to gently ease Messiah on his back in preparation for surgery on his arm

Despite being given sedatives, the three-year-old boy tried gamely to keep upright 

Eventually, the compulsion to sleep became too much for the little boy 

But the determined young boy refused to lean back and tried to battle the weariness caused by the drugs. 

One of the medics said the young boy was fighting sedation.

The doctor said: ‘He’s stubborn, even stubborn high.’

The medic attempted to lean the young boy back onto the hospital bed, when he said: ‘His trunk is still trying to fight lying down, I can feel it.’

The youngster, who had broken his left arm, was in hospital for the bone to be reset.

However, after 40 seconds of the sleep-inducing medication, little Messiah still kept trying to raise his head.

Even when the doctor was able to place Messiah on his back, the child battled to raise up his head – despite his eyelids being heavy due to the anesthetic in his system.

His mother Jayla later posted another video of her son recovering from the successful operation.  

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