Brave woman diagnosed with cancer for fifth time vows to never to give up hope

A courageous woman diagnosed with cancer for a traumatic fifth time said she will never give up hope as she begins treatment once again.

Glaswegian Stace Obrien, 37, has beaten cancer bouts in her breasts, bones and lymph nodes over the past decade.

Horrific treatments have left her infertile, temporarily blind, numb in the body and struggling to swallow.

Her latest diagnosis came after doctors discovered her breast cancer had spread to her chest wall, behind her heart and liver.

Stace suffers from rare genetic condition Li-Fraumeni syndrome, which increases sufferers' chances of getting cancer and makes them more vulnerable at a young age.

Brave Stace told the Daily Record: “I’m in agony still and trying to get treatment which will hopefully stop cancer from returning.

"I feel so broken. I don’t know anyone else who has survived cancer five times but I’m hoping I will.

"I've developed a fear of hospitals and needles.

"I’m only 37 but my body feels 100 years old with broken parts that don't work and chronic fatigue.

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"I usually try to hide how sick I am."

Ms Obrien added she will fight tooth and nail to finally beat cancer forever in this latest battle.

She said: “I’m just hoping I can beat it once and for all and will give anything to do so.”

Stace was first diagnosed in 2012 after experiencing a burning pain in her hip, which turned out to be a tumour.

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After months of chemotherapy she was rid of the growth before finding a lump in her breast shortly before Valentine's Day 2019.

Stace underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery alongside an effort to use a cold cap to keep her hair, but this was too painful.

Tragedy struck once again when doctors found cancer in her lymph nodes 10 months later.

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Stace beat her third growth before another diagnosis in February 2021, with Sarcoma found in her leg.

After four surgeries, Stace was cancer-free before doctors found yet another life-threatening cancer in her chest last month.

To make matters worse, doctors can't operate this time, which Ms Obrien said is "devastating".

But the persistent Scots woman said she will never give up the fight against the cruel disease.

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Stace said: "I’m so touched by my friends doing all this and wanting me to live.

“I’m actually desperate for the doctors to stop this pain no matter what it takes."

Because vital stem cell treatment available in London costs as much as £30,000, Stace has started a GoFundMe to raise money for her cause.

She has raised almost £7,000 in just over two weeks.

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She added: “If we get more money from the fundraising then I will use it to start a support centre to help young newly diagnosed women learn how to cope with it.

“I really missed a place like this and think there is a real need for it.”

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