Brazilian man, 19, burned his pregnant girlfriend alive

Brazilian man, 19, forced his pregnant girlfriend into a car before burning her alive – with the help of his wife – after she refused to have an abortion

  • Cops in São Paulo, Brazil, arrested the 19-year-old man and his 36-year-old wife last Thursday for the gruesome murder of Ellen Priscila Ferreira
  • Ferreira and her friend Ely Carlos dos Santos, 39, were tied up and set on fire inside a vehicle in Coroados on October 17
  • Ferreira was four months pregnant with the 19-year-old man’s baby and refused to have an abortion 
  • Two other suspects helped the arrested husband and wife carry out the killings 

A 19-year-old Brazilian man has been arrested for tying up his pregnant mistress and her friend and burning them alive in a car with the help of four other people – including his wife.   

Ellen Priscila Ferreira, 24, was just four months pregnant and expecting the baby of one of the suspects when she and her friend Ely Carlos dos Santos, 39, were killed in the town of Coroados on October 17. 

According to Brazilian news outlet G1, the 19-year-old suspect and his pregnant 36-year-old wife confessed to the Civil Police following their arrest last Thursday. 

The couple said they had orchestrated the gruesome crime after Ferreira refused to have an abortion. 

Ellen Priscila Ferreira was burned alive October 17 in São Paulo, Brazil, by a 19-year-old married man who was expecting a baby from her. Ferreira and her friend, Ely Carlos dos Santos, were tied and up and set on fire inside a vehicle. Police have arrested four individuals, including the prime suspect and his 36-year-old wife, who is also pregnant

Authorities in Brazil still have not determined how Ely Carlos dos Santos (pictured) and his pregnant friend, Ellen Priscila Ferreira, were forced into a vehicle before their bodies were charred on October 17

An investigator takes photos the burned vehicle following the October 17 attack in São Paulo, Brazil. The gruesome crime left two people dead, 24-year-old Priscila Ferreira da Silva, who was four months pregnant, and her 39-year-old friend, Ely Carlos dos Santos

Paulo de Tarso, who is leading the investigation, said he had never been assigned to a crime of that magnitude in his 30 years on the police force. 

‘Ellen was pregnant with the man who killed her. He is married, but had a relationship with Ellen,’ de Tarso said. ‘The suspect’s wife was also pregnant. They both wanted Ellen to take the child away, but she did not accept it.’ 

Authorities also apprehended two other men, aged 35 and 38, both of whom denied their involvement in the crime. 

Ely Carlos dos Santos, one of the two victims who died in the tragic attack in Brazil last month

Ellen Priscila Ferreira da Silva was four months pregnant and expecting the child of one of the suspects, a 19-year-old married man, whose wife is also pregnant and along with him confessed to burning the 24-year-old woman alive

All four suspects will be held in custody for 30 days during the initial investigation.

‘To date, we are not sure how the victims were approached. We know what happened after they were tied to the car,’ de Tarso said. 

‘We are trying to prove that the man and the woman, who are married, got together with the other two suspects to commit the crime.’

Hoje Mais reported that the 38-year-old suspect attempted to distance himself from the crime by presenting himself before authorities on October 21 to file a police report in which he claimed he was attacked by three men while he was smoking crack in Parque das Nações. 

The man told the police that the attackers unlaced his sneakers and used to laces to tie up his hands and feet. However, the assailants failed to set him on fire because he pretended he was unconscious.

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