BREAKING: Far-right teen who branded Prince Harry race traitor for marrying Meghan jailed

Szewczuk made the comment in an an “abhorrent” online post and now has been locked up after the Old Bailey sentenced him to four years and three months today.

He created a disgusting image of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle against a blood-splattered background, with a swastika.

It was then shared by Szewczuk with the phrase: “See Ya Later Race Traitor”.

The 19-year-old Neo-Nazi, of Bramley, Leeds, had written in his blog that the rape of women and children to further an Aryan race was justified, the court previously heard.

Szewczuk also posted images or links to Gab, a social media platform which attracts mainly far-right users, last summer.

He was arrested in December at his halls of residence during his first year studying computer science at Portsmouth University.

He then pleaded guilty in April to possession of documents including the White Resistance Manual and the al Qaida Manual.

The White Resistance Manual promotes the founding of white supremacist terror cells.

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