Brit dad fights for life after banging head in Mexico hotel before flying home

A dad has suffered a seizure on the last day of his holiday in Mexico after banging his head in his hotel room.

Paul McKenna, 33, was enjoying a two-week family holiday with his his wife, Amy, children and parents-in-law in Cancun before the Liverpool native suffered the traumatic injury, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Paul was supposed to fly back to the UK on Sunday (August 21) the day after he banged his head.

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After being rushed to hospital, Paul was placed on life support after being stabilised, despite having to move to three different hospitals in just two days to access specialist treatment.

While Paul and his family are currently based around an hour outside of Cancun, there is still uncertainty on whether the electrician suffered a brain haemorrhage or had a stroke.

Paul's friends have banded together to raise money for the dad-of-four with Joe Snellgrove, a friend of Paul's for 20 years, mentioning the uncertainty of his friend's condition and how he got there in the first place.

"They think it started from some sort of bug because the family had been ill. Then on Sunday, he had a seizure, fell and banged his head. He was then induced into a coma," he said.

"The current concern is that he's had a brain haemorrhage but the first thought was he had a stroke. Still uncertainty surrounding what has actually happened."

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Joe said Paul he would do "anything for anyone", as alongside friend James Stanley, are attempting to raise money to pay for Paul's medical bills while stranded in Mexico.

The fundraiser has since been extremely active with 230 donations at the time of writing this, with fellow Liverpudlian Jamie Carragher donating £5,000.

Joe said: "We're devastated. He's a brilliant fella and he'd help everyone, like last year during a storm I had some damage to my house and he came out to help straight away. We lost our chairman at Maghull Cricket Club who did everything [at the club] and Paul picked up all the slack.

"He does all the things around there. He's really well-known in the community and everyone's feeling very upset and concerned."


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