Brit in Afghanistan praised ‘amazing’ meal before getting food poisoning

A barmy Brit who goes to danger zones for fun has thanked the Taliban for their hospitality just hours before falling ill from food poisoning.

Miles Routledge, a former physics student at Loughborough University, who decided to travel to Afghanistan last summer after Googling "most dangerous countries to visit", was visiting one of the country's top restaurants with funds he gained from his loyal fans.

Sharing his experience on Twitter, the 22-year-old boasted about the 'amazing' food he purchased for £20 as he slammed Western media for claiming it's "bad".

His initial tweet said: "US is the richest country in the world but many struggle with food. Western media says Afghanistan is bad but everyone shares food if they cannot afford and everything tastes amazing!

"All this for $26 at a top restaurant. Thank you, Taliban."

He added: "People are like 'the average Afghan cannot afford this' and yeah like I said, this is a top restaurant, I can't afford top food in England either!

"People share food with the homeless and everyone eats in Kabul."

But everything seemed to go quite quickly downhill after that as just 10 hours later the self-professed 'Catholic adventurer' claimed to have fallen ill.

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"I think I have food poisoning. I am throwing up a lot, very cold and very weak," he wrote.

Adding in further tweets that he was "still throwing up" and "Oh my it's not stopping."

The bloke who had gone viral with his initial tweet, receiving over 3.8k likes and hundreds of retweets, had left himself open for ridicule from social media users who found his initial praise for the jihadist movement ridiculous.

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One user said: "Their hospitality was a trap! Who knew you couldn't trust the Taliban?"

Another wrote: "So let me get this straight. A Catholic missionary goes to a radical Islamic country, talks about starving population while ordering excessively food.

"Finishes the Tweet by thanking the Taliban for all the above. Surreal."

A third said: "If you’re struggling with food, try going to Afghanistan. The Taliban is doing a great job at this, I hear."

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The news comes after the barmy Brit told the Daily Star that he felt 'very safe' in Kabul, despite a powerful explosion killing more than 50 people on Friday (April 29).

The powerful explosion at a Kabul mosque was the latest of a series of attacks on civilian targets in Afghanistan during Ramadan.

Miles even claimed he felt like the Taliban would protect him from ISIS.

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