Brit mum fights for life after being hit by lightning in front of daughter

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A woman has been left fighting for her life after she was struck by lightning in Croatia, in front of her daughter.

The pair had been sheltering on a beach to wait out the storm.

They had been relaxing on the beach in Split on Saturday afternoon when the unidentified 48-year-old was electrocuted.

Reports have alleged that she was knocked unconscious by the strike and has now been taken to intensive care, where she remains in a critical condition.

The screams of her daughter, who witnessed the strike, alerted people nearby to what had happened.

It is understood they had been trying to get to a hotel nearby for shelter.

A medic had been attending to a bike crash nearby and was able to assist, managing to revive the woman.

She was then rushed to Split's KBC Hospital – it is understood she has sustained both burns and a head injury.

According to the MailOnline, a 300 million volt blast ripped through her.

In a statement on its Facebook page, Police in the area said: "At 3:15 p.m. (on Saturday) a report was received from the hospital that an emergency medical aid had been requested to arrive at the Kašjuni beach in Split, where one person was allegedly injured by a lightning strike.

"'The woman received medical assistance at the scene and was transported to the hospital where she was kept for further treatment, her life is in danger.

"An investigation will be conducted at the scene and all the circumstances of this accident are being determined."


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