Brit student stranded in Kabul has ‘no regrets’ after Army had to rescue him

The British student left stranded in Kabul after a poorly timed holiday said he has "no regrets" after needing an Army rescue to pick him up.

Loughborough physics student Miles Routledge, 22, was airlifted to Dubai on Tuesday in a British Army convoy for UK diplomats and some Afghan interpreters.

He posted on Facebook: “I’ve landed in Dubai thanks to the brilliant people at the British Army.

"All safe!”

Social media users were less impressed.

One Facebook user pointed out his seat could – and should – have been taken by one of the many heroic interpreters who saved British soldiers' lives during the two-decade war.

They wrote: “Selfish actions, your seat on a plane home should have been given to an Afghan interpreter who now faces certain death."

The student posted on Facebook as the situation in the country became even more dangerous.

He wrote: “I’m struggling to stand and keep down water, I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight, I’ve seen too many dead people.

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“I’ve bitten off more than I can chew and something has not gone to plan resulting in this situation.

“There was no convincing me otherwise and I knew the risks, it was a gamble I took that went wrong.”

But the bullish youngster said yesterday he had no regrets about travelling out to the Middle East at a reckless time.

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He explained: “I have no regrets, I would do this all again.

"If I could back to myself on day one, I would go – Just trust yourself and you would be fine…

"You’re gonna be in hell but you’ve got Christ on you and he’s looking after you.”

Miles said earlier this week his Afghan adventure was "a test of God."

He added: "I’m very religious so I believe I’ll be looked after.

"Before I left I wrote a letter to my friends saying that if I died, not to feel guilty, that I would die happy and religious and proud."

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