British Israeli soldier describes moment Hamas shot him

British Israeli soldier describes moment Hamas shot him and killed his comrade – but insists he’s ready to fight Palestine terror group again when he heals ‘next week’

  • The IDF Paratrooper was deployed to Kibbutz Be’eri following attack by Hamas

A British Israeli soldier described the moment Hamas shot him and killed his comrade, but defiantly insisted that he’s ready to fight the Palestine terror group again when he heals ‘next week’. 

The dual-national IDF Paratrooper was deployed to kibbutz Be’eri, following the attack launched by Hamas on southern Israel. 

The officer, who is being kept anonymous for security reasons, was shot while clearing a house where Hamas had taken up defensive positions. 

The soldier, whose family in Britain have been watching the terrifying events in the region unfold on the news, is currently recovering from his battle wounds in a Tel Aviv hospital. 

Speaking to GB News reporter Charlie Peters, the officer said: ‘At 7am they woke us up, told us that the Israel is in a total war and we need to get ready and that we are going down to the Gaza Strip’.

The soldier had only learned of the attack that would lead to the onslaught which saw around 70 Hamas fighters – branded ‘animals’ and ‘worse than Isis’ by the Israeli army – armed with machine guns and grenades storm the usually quiet Kfar Aza kibbutz in southern Israel killing men, women and children indiscriminately. 

‘We opened phones to understand what’s happening because we couldn’t understand what’s happening because there was too much information going to from everywhere we saw the live stream for Hamas and then understand that something really strange is happening,’ he said. 

The soldier arrived to the devastating scenes of bullet-riddled bodies of Israeli residents among burned out houses, strewn furniture and torched cars.

The IDF Paratrooper said: ‘So a lot of time that we saw also bodies of Israeli innocent citizens in the houses, but also bodies of terrorists that we didn’t kill – the people managed to kill some of them’. 

On the second day of the kibbutz massacre, the officer was clearing a house where Hamas terrorists had holed themselves up to take defensive positions, when a machine gun opened fire. 

The soldier said: ‘We did the last fight, the last fight of terrorists. But a machine gun started to shoot on us from inside the house’.

After running into the house, he found four Hamas terrorists, and there he was shot in the stomach while a fellow solider lost his life in the dramatic shooting. 

The officer, who is being kept anonymous for security reasons, spoke to GB News reporter Charlie Peters, describing the moment Hamas shot him and killed his comrade

Israeli soldiers patrol in kibbutz Kfar Aza, in southern Israel, near the Gaza Strip

Friends and relatives of Ofir Libstein, who served as head of the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council and died in defence of his community in Kibbutz Kfar Aza

The Israeli solider said: ‘We tried to shoot on the terrorists and they shot us back. My soldier that operates a machine gun died right there. 

‘I got injured in my stomach and in my hand so I was out on my back because I was bleeding from the back from the bullet in the stomach.’

The solider applied a tourniquet to his arm after firing 100 rounds down a hallway of the house, but came close to losing his life after a fellow Israeli solider threw a grenade, from a kitchen window, into the property to eliminate the Hamas militants. 

The grenade had instead rolled into the living room, where the injured solder had taken position. 

The soldier, who is now recoverin in Sheba Medical Center, said: ‘One of my soldiers threw a grenade, he couldn’t put it inside the hallway so it came to the living room where I was. It was so close I have no idea why.

Israelis mourn at a funeral after the deadly infiltration by Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip

An Israeli army soldier walks through a burnt building during a patrol in kibbutz

‘As a religious man I’m saying it’s because of God that I didn’t get injured from the grenade. So another officer from my unit managed to get inside the house from the kitchen window.

‘He took me outside and our tank came and destroyed the house’.

After clearing the area, the soldier said that he could ‘gladly say that the kibbutz Be’eri has zero terrorists inside’. 

He added: ‘I have to say that I was really impressed by the brave of the citizens of Be’eri.’

Despite sustaining serious injuries, and losing a fellow soldier, the officer is determined to go back fight off the rest of the Palestine terrorists.

Chilling video has emerged of the moment Hamas terrorists ran towards homes in the Be’eri kibbutz and unleashed a hail of bullets on the terrified families living there

Be’eri has become a horrific symbol of the war with Hamas, which authorities say has so far left about 1,200 dead in Israel and about 1,100 in Gaza

He said: ‘Of course I’m ready to go again. I will go again next week after I heal.’

A chilling video emerged of the moment Hamas terrorists ran towards homes in the Be’eri kibbutz and unleashed a hail of bullets on the terrified families living there.

Moving quickly, the black-clad gunmen, wielding assault rifles and hand grenades, went door to door of the small kibbutz looking for Israeli families to slaughter indiscriminately.

What had been a quiet morning, where many of the 1,000 families living in this kibbutz would have been sleeping or enjoying breakfast, turned into one of nightmares.

The gunmen can be heard shouting orders at each other in the video as they run from house to house, the sickening sound of gunshots filling the morning air.

Four gunmen can be seen approaching one family home before shooting into the windows. One of the terrorists can be seen kicking down the door as a round of five gunshots can be heard in the background in quick succession.

Tributes have flooded in for British-Israeli Benjamin Trakeniski, 32, who died whilst trying to help evacuate wounded civilians during the kibbutz massacre last week

A house is completely destroyed after being burned by Hamas terrorists during the attack at Kibbutz Be’eri

The video cuts out before the terrorists manage to break down the door, but it was at this kibbutz they ruthlessly shot dead screaming families as they begged for their lives. Israeli soldiers would later find the bodies of 108 Israeli civilians lying riddled with bullet holes in their homes.

Israeli Major General Itai Veruv told how the Hamas terrorists had thrown a hand grenade where 15 girls and teenagers were desperately trying to hide from them. All were found dead in that single room.

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British-Israeli man Benjamin Trakeniski, known as Benji by friends, is understood to have been killed by armed Hamas terrorists after attempting to save innocent lives at kibbutz Be’eri.

The 32-year-old was living in Tel Aviv and engaged to Israeli tattoo-artist Rotem, with the couple due to be wed in April next year.

Instead, the hero was laid to rest in Israel on Thursday, with his future wife-to-be reading out her wedding vows at his funeral. 

Be’eri, a settlement of a little more than 1,000 people, is one of more than 20 towns and villages ambushed early Saturday by Hamas terrorists.

Before the attack, Be’eri — started by Zionist settlers two years before the country itself was founded — was known for its industriousness, including a large printing plant that turns out Israeli driver’s licenses.

Now it has become a horrific symbol of the war with Hamas, which authorities say has so far left about 1,200 dead in Israel and about 1,100 in Gaza.

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