Britons to experience temperatures ‘cold enough to turn rain to snow’

Met Office forecasts cold conditions as snow to hit UK

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Britons are set to experience temperatures “cold enough to turn rain to snow”. The weather for the week ahead is largely “unsettled”, with some areas also covered by an upcoming rain warning.

Today has seen heavy rain in parts of the UK, with areas in Scotland most significantly affected.

The BBC reported that in areas including Angus, “roads have been turned to rivers” due to powerful downpours.

Such conditions are forecasted to continue over the weekend, with Scottish regions Central, Tayside, Fife and Grampian having been issued with a ‘Yellow’ weather warning by the Met Office.

The weather service said: “Following recent high rainfall totals and flooding further heavy rain may bring some renewed, but more limited, flooding and disruption.”

The warning begins at 3am in the morning and is set to last for 12 hours, until 3pm the same day.

There are currently no other weather warnings from the Met Office for the week ahead.

But reports show conditions will remain “unsettled”.

Rain tomorrow is expected to be heaviest along western river catchments.

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Temperatures are also set to sit below the November average.

Conditions in some areas could even be “cold enough to turn the rain into snow”, according to the BBC.

Scotland is again most at risk of such conditions – particularly in mountainous areas, but regions south of the border could also be set for some snowy conditions.

Parts of Northumberland, northwest of Newcastle, are likely to receive a sprinkling of snow in the early hours of Sunday morning and a little later through the day

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Temperatures across most of the UK tomorrow will be in the single digits, including in Birmingham (nine) and Aberdeen (eight).

London and Plymouth are two areas which are set to break this trend, though are likely to peak only a little higher at 11 and 12 respectively.

As next week unfolds, temperatures will remain relatively low for the time of year.

Weather charts forecast snow in parts of Scotland next week as well as this weekend, mainly from Wednesday onwards.

Snow is expected to be much more widespread across Scotland the weekend after next.

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