Brits partied at illegal New Year’s rave in France where ‘police were attacked’

Partygoers defied Covid rules to attend a 2,500-strong underground rave in France where revellers attacked police trying to shut it down.

Brits are understood to have travelled to the illegal rave in Lieuron, Brittany, to celebrate New Year’s Eve as much of the UK entered into Tier 4.

French police caught wind of the event, held at an empty warehouse belonging to a storage company, and moved to shut the party down but officers reportedly experienced "fierce hostility from many."

One reveller allegedly set fire to an officer’s car and threw bottles and stones at the emergency service workers.

Organisers had tried to maintain some level of secrecy around the event with partygoers meeting in the car park of a shopping centre before being taken to the warehouse.

According to local media, police tried to "prevent this event" and put in "controls" with "verbal warnings being given to everyone leaving."

However, interior ministry spokesman Camille Chaize said police were faced with: "Great hostility, great violence' against the forces of law and order, without indicating when the police would be able enter the rave site."

Prosecutors have since opened an investigation into the illegal organisation of the gathering and, what police claim, was premeditated violence against the authorities.

Mass gatherings are banned across France to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and a nationwide curfew applies across the country.

It comes as Essex Police said they handed out over £18,000 in fines on New Year’s Eve and even raided a secret rave in a church.

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The force slammed people who chose to "endanger themselves and others" by attending unlicensed events to see in 2021 instead of adhering to coronavirus restrictions.

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Prophet said their actions put a "strain on our NHS on New Year's Eve," with one cop threatened as he was trying to do his job.

Mr Prophet said the group "decided that partying was more important than protect other people" and “seized their equipment."

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