Brits warned another scorching 40C UK summer could be on its way

Coronation weekend weather forecast from the Met Office

The UK could experience another heatwave-filled summer as forecasters grow weary of the abnormally high temperatures in Spain with areas like Seville currently 8 to 10C higher than the average for this time of year. Forecasters have now warned that as the second half of May rolls around, Britain is set to heat up, possibly “significantly”. As Britons plan their summer holidays, they have been cautioned that several popular destinations are likely to experience scorching temperatures, similar to those already seen in parts of Spain during its second heatwave of the year.

Despite it being the beginning of May, temperatures have reached as high as 38C in some areas, creating “summer-like” temperatures.

Forecasters predict that almost no Spanish city will be below 20C today, and the country will continue to face high temperatures into next week, with no signs of rain clouds on the horizon.

Senior meteorologist for British Weather Services Jim Dale told that the exceptionally high temperatures are “certainly” due to climate change and the UK could witness some of the same balmy weather.

He said: “Climate change is almost certainly at work and more to come as the summer unfolds.

“As for the UK, patience is required, but the second half of May shows signs of warming, maybe significantly, but not to Spain’s current standards.

“40C is an exceptional temperature for the UK so it will take more global warming to peak at that kind of temperature again; which if we get the right weather scenario is entirely possible.”

Meteorologist Roberto Granda, from, warned that temperatures in Spain could exceed 30C in many areas, including the valleys of the Guadalquivir, the Tagus, the Guadiana, and the Ebro, as well as on the Cantabrian coast.

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He said: “It was still warmer than it would be at the end of April, but the drop was significant in the highs and it was also very noticeable at night.

“But on Sunday they went up again, on Monday this rise became more pronounced and on Tuesday there was a peak in southern areas, with 35C or 36C in the Guadalquivir valley.

“On Wednesday this new peak will be at its highest in the north, which is where the rise will be most noticeable, and in parts of the centre, while temperatures will drop in Galicia, the southwest and the southeast, but it will still be hot for the season.”

The forecaster said that for the second week of the month “everything seems to indicate that we will continue with very warm temperatures in a large part of the country and very little rain”.

Mr Granda added: “The dynamic already seems totally summer-like and it’s still May.”

The Met Office has said that temperatures are set to be “above average” by the end of May.

For the weather service’s long range forecast covering May 19 to June 2 it said: “Confidence is low for this period, with fairly equal chances of fine or changeable weather.

“However, there is a slightly higher than normal chance of unsettled weather in the south. Winds are expected to be generally light. Temperatures are more likely to be above average overall.”

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