‘Camp Auschwitz’ sweatshirt spotted at Capitol riot sold by NYC site

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The “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt worn by a neo-Nazi rioter storming the US Capitol is sold by a company with ties to the Big Apple, it was revealed Friday. 

The sweatshirt with the phrase “work brings freedom” is for sale on the TeeHands website, which includes a Manhattan address on East 85th Street under the site’s “store information” section. 

“A company with a presence in NYC – home to over a million Jews – is selling this t-shirt. Making jokes about the Holocaust is never, EVER going to be funny,” the New York City Jewish Caucus railed in a Friday morning tweet. 

The pullover’s inscription is an English translation of the German phrase “arbeit macht frei,” which hung over the infamous Auschwitz death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland — one of the Holocaust’s most notorious and deadliest concentration camps. 

The sweatshirt, along with an identical t-shirt, is currently on sale on TeeHands for $19.95 — down from $24.95 — and comes in nine colors and eight sizes. 

“You can gift it for mom, dad, papa, mommy, daddy, mama, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandpa, grandma, grandfather, grandmother, husband, wife, family, teacher,” a description for the anti-semitic sweatshirt reads. 

The bearded, unidentified man wearing the sweatshirt was among throngs of Trump rioters storming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, according to screenshots posted on the fact checking website Snopes. 

But his image, which has been shared thousands of times on Twitter, was not among a list of 36 suspects currently being sought by the Metropolitan Police Department in connection with the uprising that was released Thursday. 

An MPD spokesperson insisted the list was “preliminary” and is not a “comprehensive” look at all the suspects being sought. The police department has received over 17,000 tips related to the rioters and are in the process of sifting through them to make arrests, the spokesperson said.

TeeHands sells another anti-semitic shirt with the phrase “6MWE” or six million wasn’t enough — a reference to the number of Jewish people who died during the Holocaust. 

That shirt was also spotted on at least one of President Trump’s supporters, who he called “very special,” during Wednesday’s attempted insurrection. 

As of Friday afternoon, all of the Holocaust supporting merch was still available. 

TeeHands didn’t immediately return a request for comment to The Post.

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