Canny bloke saves £500 stocking up on beer crates before New Year price hike

A canny beer lover has saved more than £500 by stocking up on the stuff before new pricing kicked in.

Brendan has built a tower of Guinness inside his home from crates he splashed out on at a fraction of their current 2022 price.

With a friend's help Brendan made two car trips transporting his beverages from the shop home after paying the equivalent of £333 for them.

Now he says the same amount would set him back a cool £917 due to regulations on alcohol introduced this year in Ireland, Dublin Live reports.

Brendan spoke to RTE Liveline about why he stocked up and said minimum unit pricing is "discriminating against the lower incomes".

He told Joe Duffy today: "I just found that I'm in receipt of social welfare and it's kind of disproportionately affected me.

"I had my savings so the day before the minimum pricing came in, one of the smaller retailers had a special offer on Guinness, it was a 12 pack for 10 euro.

"I totally stocked up, so I have enough to do me for at least a year. I probably got about 500 beers.

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"A friend of mine, we took two trips in the car and I have them in the porch here."

Brendan said he "got a few funny looks alright" in the shop.

"I can't remember the exact number (that the cans cost), about four hundred-odd euro (£250).

"And I reckon the following day, that same amount would have cost about €1,100, so that was a saving of roughly €700 for me (£583).

"I'm in receipt of social welfare so that's nearly a month's income."

Brendan said the measure is discriminating against those on lower incomes.

Brendan said he hasn't gone inside a bar or restaurant since Covid-19 began and doesn't want to.

Instead, he prefers to have two friends at his house for drinks and food at the weekends but the increased prices will affect that.

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