Chilling 999 call made from Michael Barrymore’s home after Stuart Lubbock drowned in pool revealed for the first time – The Sun

ONE of Michael Barrymore's fatal pool party guests made a desperate 999 call which has now been released for the first time.

The harrowing phone plea to Essex Emergency Services in the early hours of March 31, 2001, gives a stark insight into how cops and paramedics were alerted to a body found in the pool.

It comes after The Sun exclusively revealed Barrymore and his seven pool party guests are still being linked to the rape and murder of Stuart Lubbock.

Cops said they were investigating a “cover-up” and none could be ruled out of their investigation.

The 999 call has never been heard in public until now and features in a new Channel 4 documentary, Barrymore: The Body In The Pool.

The call came in at 5.48am asking for an ambulance to be sent to Barrymore's mansion at Beaumont Park Drive, Roydon, Essex.

The caller said: "A geezer's drowned in the pool."

The operator then asks if they got Mr Lubbock, out of the water.

He explains they pulled him out the water then reveals they were at a party, adding: "Someone's just gone out and found him."

The distressed caller then tells the call handler that it was the first time he had been out in years and he has his kids every weekend.

Hee added: "You don't expect it, do you?"

There is then a jump forward as the caller shouts out to another partygoer as the ambulance arrives.

The caller then said: "F**king hell. I think the geezer's dead mate."


Operator: Where do you want the ambulance to come to please?

Caller: "No.4 Beaumont Park Drive, Roydon, Essex."

Operator: "Right, we'll get someone out for you."

Caller: "A geezer's drowned in the pool."

Operator: "Right…Sorry?"

Caller: "A fella's drowned in the pool."

Operator: "Are they still in the water?"

Caller: "No, we've got them out."

Operator: "You've got them out."

Caller: "There's a party going on and erm…Someone's just gone out and found him.

"I tell you what mate. The first time I've been out in four f**king years. I have my kids every weekend and..F**king hell.

"You don't expect it do you?"

Despite several arrests, no criminal charges have been brought over the death of Stuart, 31, at Barrymore’s mansion in 2001.

A £20,000 reward has been put up for information – after cops blasted the “lies” spun over the past 19 years.

Stuart’s dad Terry Lubbock, 75, said today: "I would say to Michael it is time now, I think you know Michael, you know more about this than you said.

“The focus now will be on you, it’s time now for you to either clear your name or put your hands up to what happened.

“You must know, I’m absolutely sure, I know you are involved in this.

“There were reports about him not being there at that particular time and he has insisted that he doesn’t know.

“I’m absolutely sure he knows 100 percent.”


Barrymore, his ex-lover Jonathan Kenney, and dustman Justin Merritt were all previously arrested over the death before being released without charge.

A source said one of those held the key to unlocking the case — and cops hoped to tempt them forward with the reward.

According to witness statements, they had been outside in a hot tub with Stuart, who was high on drink and drugs.

All three re-entered the house when police were called to reports of a drowning in the swimming pool, witnesses said.

But DCI Jennings said “someone is lying” as he pointed to “differences” in their accounts.

Ahead of a Channel 4 documentary on the case this week, investigators are now looking into the possibility Stuart’s murder was “covered up”.

A swimming pool thermometer from the hot tub — which could have been used in a sex assault on the victim — later went missing.

A broken shed handle, seen by officers, also disappeared and was not found in any bins at the property in Roydon.

Cops said the brutality of the sex assault would match one or both of the objects.

A 2002 inquest heard that Barrymore’s then-PA Michael Browne was called to the house.

Police yesterday said other unnamed men “close to Barrymore” were also allowed in — giving the perfect opportunity to clean up the scene.

DCI Jennings said: "One line of inquiry has to be that this could have been a cover-up.


“But there is a chance whoever did this just got lucky and no evidence was left at the scene.”

He added: “Let me be clear — I believe Stuart Lubbock was murdered. And we will catch whoever did it.

“I don’t think there’s anyone else there — realistically — other than the eight people that were there on the night. Of the people arrested, no one has been eliminated from inquiries.

"We believe at least one person is responsible — but it could be two or more.

“I can’t rule out a single individual being responsible — but on balance of probability there was more than likely more than one person involved.”

Police issued a £20,000 appeal yesterday for information leading to an arrest and conviction. But they admitted it was targeted at the guests and anyone they might have told.


DCI Jennings said: “People get married, they have children, they settle down — the way they look at things can change. Loyalties can change.

"This is an awful lot to carry around for all those years. Hopefully someone will do the right thing.”

Other guests were Justin’s sister Kylie and chef James Futers, plus hangers-on Simon Shaw, Claire Jones, then 17, and Kelly Campbell.

Stuart’s dad Terry added: “I think the people there at Michael Barrymore’s home that day and night — this thing hasn’t gone away, it won’t go away.

“Even the people not directly involved in this must be starting to feel very uneasy. The penny has dropped now.

"It is time for people to come forward, whether they were directly involved or indirectly.”

The 2002 inquest recorded an open verdict after failing to conclude what caused Stuart’s death.

A post-mortem revealed the meat packer had ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol in his system.

Ex-Strike It Lucky host Barrymore, 67, has always denied involvement.

From earning £2million a year, his career collapsed and he now lives modestly in a West London flat.

  • ANYONE with information about Stuart’s death can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
At the peak of his career Barrymore was attracting up to 20 million viewers as the host of Strike it LuckyCredit: Rex Features
There is now a £20,000 reward for information on Mr Lubbock's deathCredit: PA:Press Association
Justin Merritt's sister Kylie was also at the party and cannot be ruled out by policeCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
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Barrymore went from earning £2million a year to now living modestly in a West London flatCredit: Splash News
Stuart’s dad Terry said: 'It is time for people to come forward'Credit: East News Press Agency
Barrymore, has always denied involvement in the deathCredit: Rex Features
Barrymore: The Body In The Pool – Trailer for the Channel 4 documentary
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