China to ‘capitalise’ on US Afghanistan failure as Biden’s geopolitical power diminished

China 'to capitalise' on Afghanistan failings says host

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Sky News Australia’s James Morrow and Rina Panahi agreed that China would capitalise on the failures in Afghanistan as the superpower will use the situation as a demonstration of the weakening of US geopolitical power. Representatives for China and the Taliban already met in July as analysts suggest China is appearing to accept the grim reality that the Taliban may soon be the ruling regime in Afghanistan should Kabul fall. Mr Morrow “admired” China’s thinking but stressed the group had caused huge problems for many of the world’s superpowers and believed history would repeat itself.

China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, met with a Taliban delegation at the end of July in a move that raised concerns among some foreign offices. 

Mr Wang said at the time the withdrawal of troops “marks the failure of the US policy toward Afghanistan” as China seeks to increase its control in the country. 

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was more optimistic at the meeting than many may have thought as he welcomed Afghanistan’s neighbours taking an interest in the security of the country. 

He told Indian media: “Neighbouring countries of Afghanistan have an interest in the region … but no one has an interest in the region falling into an enduring civil war or the hands of the Taliban.”

Discussing the topic on Sky News Australia, Mr Morrow said: “The interesting situation going forward is now that Afghanistan opens up a vacuum, nature abhors a vacuum and so does geopolitics.

“China is looking to become close with the Taliban, I admire their confidence in thinking that they could be pals with the Taliban.

“It brought down Russia, it’s brought America low. So, you know, best of luck Xi Jinping.

Ms Pahani agreed and added: “Now I think China’s gonna capitalise on the West’s failures and the failure there is extraordinary.

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“The human cost, thousands of lives lost, around trillion dollars of money wasted and the country falls within days, weeks.

“It is just astonishing the failure there and the Biden administration has mishandled this exit and the President needs to take some ownership and be present.

“You can’t be off at Camp David and doing silly videos, particularly when this is happening on your watch.”

President Joe Biden and his wife Jill were seen boarding a plane at Delaware which would be taking them to the military base Camp David.

Mr Biden is expected to stay there until Wednesday as the situation in Afghanistan spirals out of control. 

White House officials state the president will be briefed during his stay there and will be kept abreast of what is happening. 

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The Taliban’s campaign in Afghanistan was galvanised following the US withdrawal from the country as per an agreement negotiated under the Trump administration. 

US and Taliban delegates negotiated the US withdrawal from the area in exchange for the Taliban not harbouring extremist groups like Al-Qaeda.

However, the slow withdrawal of personnel, with all forces being withdrawn by September 11, has spurred the Taliban to take control of parts of the country as they begin surrounding the capital, Kabul. 

Western embassies are running secretive skeleton crews to get nationals out of the country before violence reaches the capital. 

The US has sent an additional 3,000 troops to Kabul to aid with the evacuation. 

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