Chinese financial news site closed for 'rectification'

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – The Chinese financial news website said it has been shut down to undergo “rectification” amid a wider crackdown by the Chinese authorities on websites and news providers. announced on its official Twitter-like Weibo account on Monday night that its website and app had been taken down following a request from the authorities.

It did not provide any details about what rules it may have broken but promised to “carry out the requirements of the rectification in strict accordance with related laws and regulations”.

It also said it would make efforts to improve internal monitoring processes and “comprehensively strengthen management of the website operations and staff and strive to return online at the earliest”.

The service was fined by the Cyberspace Administration of China in March for illegally posting news without a license and “disrupting the order of online information distribution”.

China strictly polices online content and employs an army of censors to scrub sensitive content it says will undermine social stability.

Chinese authorities have been making more efforts to restrict unauthorized news content in recent weeks amid the sensitive anniversary of a crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in and around Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989.

China’s so-called “Great Firewall” preventing domestic internet users from accessing overseas websites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter has been extended to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, as well as British newspaper The Guardian, in recent weeks.

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