CNN's Anderson Cooper mistakenly calls Twitter ‘clitter’ in embarrassing on-air gaffe

CNN host Anderson Cooper gave users a chuckle on Wednesday when he made a slip of the tongue and embarrassingly said "clitter" instead of "Twitter."

Many users thanked the news host for a much-needed laugh with his on-air gaffe amid a tense waiting period as results continue to trickle in for the presidential election.

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Cooper was speaking about Trump's early "victory" claims on CNN and baseless allegations he made on Twitter about voter fraud.

"You heard the president overnight basic– basically declaring victory, claiming that fraud was being committed and making false claims on clitter – on, on, excuse me, on Twitter," Cooper said, stumbling over his words.

He then continued talking about the president's baseless claims surrounding the election.

Users found amusement in Cooper's slip-up – and thanked him for a much-needed laugh as people are glued to their televisions to see who won the presidency.

One user tweeted: "Anderson Cooper, thanks for clitter & something to laugh over to take the edge off this nail biter! I legit wrecked my manicure over."


"Anderson Cooper just said 'Clitter' instead of 'Twitter' and I am delirious," one user tweeted.

On Wednesday afternoon, CNN projected Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to win Wisconsin and Michigan – placing him close to the finish line of winning the presidency.

As of Wednesday evening, Biden had claimed 253 electoral votes out of the 270 needed to win.

While Biden continued to gain a bigger lead over Trump, the president's campaign has demanded recounts in Wisconsin.

Trump has also launched legal action in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Trump's son, Eric Trump, and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany both tweeted that Trump claimed victory in Pennsylvania – despite a narrowing gap between him and Biden as absentee ballots are counted.

Both Eric Trump and McEnany's claims were marked on Twitter as "misleading."

As votes continued to be tallied, Biden said in a speech on Wednesday afternoon he's confident he will go to the White House.

"It's clear that we're winning enough states to reach 270 electoral votes needed to run the presidency."

Biden added "when the count is finished" he thinks he will be the winner.

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