‘Coronation Street rapist’ who waged campaign of terror is back on UK streets

The so-called "Coronation Street rapist" who carried out 11 horrific rapes and was once Britain's most wanted man is now back on the UK streets.

Andrew Barlow, formerly known as Andrew Longmire, received multiple life sentences in October 1988, but it has now been revealed he has spent time out of prison as he prepares for his release next month.

His convictions include 11 rapes, three attempted rapes, indecent assault, and using a firearm to resist arrest, MEN reported.

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Over the decades of time he spent behind bars, Barlow was linked to further crimes and previously unsolved cases in a series of campaigns of terror.

Dubbed the " Coronation Street rapist" after attacking victims in their terraced homes, the sick criminal would spend days learning the routines of his victims.

He carried out two campaigns of terror, one between 1981 and 1984, while the second one took place from August 1987 until January 1988, when he was arrested.

When he was arrested Barlow fired a shotgun at two police officers who detained him.

A parole board has confirmed however that Barlow, who left his last victim with "multiple stab wounds and a collapsed lung", will be released from prison after serving 34 years in custody.

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Their statement said: "In 2020, a panel of the Parole Board considered his case and recommended transfer to open conditions. This recommendation was accepted by the Secretary of State and Mr Barlow was transferred to open conditions in January 2021.

"Following that move, he had successfully undertaken periods of temporary release where he was escorted by a prison officer. The panel heard how well he was progressing in open conditions.

"In June 2022, Mr Barlow was moved back to closed conditions. After hearing from witnesses and Mr Barlow, the panel concluded that the evidence did not support the reasons for the transfer back to closed prison."

His release is dependent on strict licensing agreements including residing at the address given to him, good behaviour and disclosing relationships.

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