Could there have been MORE dead children fathered in house of horrors?

Could there have been MORE dead children fathered in ‘house of horror’? Locals say one of ‘incest dad’s’ daughters also gave birth to twins who mysteriously disappeared

  • Piotr maintained a four year relationship with his daughter while allegedly throwing away the children conceived, wrapped in plastic and buried in graves

Locals in a Polish village where a dad and daughter have been charged with incest and the murder of three babies have said there could be more victims.

Piotr Gierasik, 54, and Paulina Gierasik, 20, were arrested and face life in prison after the rotting remains of three babies were found in the basement of the family home in the village of Czerniki, in northern Poland, last week.

Police uncovered the dingy basement where Piotr Gierasik allegedly threw the newborn babies of his own daughter to die, wrapped in plastic and buried in shallow graves, while they continued their four-year relationship in secret.

Authorities also identified that one of the corpses belonged to another of Piotr’s four daughters, identified as Paulina’s older sister. 

Now, locals say there could be even more dead babies from another daughter, allegedly raped by the father.

A woman described by local media as being ‘close to the family’ told Fakt newspaper: ‘One of the daughters once gave birth to twins, the circumstances of this case are unexplained, the children disappeared.’

Piotr was allegedly in a sick incestuous relationship with his daughter for four years

Paulina Gierasik, 20 (pictured), was arrested along with her father Piotr after the babies’ remains were discovered in shallow graves and wrapped in plastic bags at the property

The infants were found in the basement of their family’s home in Czerniki, northern Poland

Speaking to Fakt, the woman added: ‘About 2-3 years ago, one of Piotr’s daughters was pregnant with twins. Now we start to remember everything.

‘He took the girl to another province supposedly to give birth, to Toruń [90 miles away] or Ciechocinek [100 miles].

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‘He assured social workers that everything was fine and they believed him, but now no one knows what happened to these children.

‘Why did he take her such a long way? Why not to Gdańsk? [35 miles].

Police had conducted a visit at the property after receiving a disturbing tip-off from social services, but while combing the property for evidence discovered a filthy stench emanating from a basement inside the house.

Two of the babies had been stuffed in plastic bags and buried in a shallow grave in the soft ground beneath the house. 

A third – believed to belong to another of Piotr’s daughters – was simply left to decompose. 

According to prosecutors there ‘is no doubt that the children were murdered’.

Joanna Mikołajska, head of the Social Welfare Centre in Stara Kiszewa said: ‘We, as social services, cannot enter homes by force. 

‘We would have to have a specific report to have a basis for action. We always appeal for these reports. They can be anonymous.

‘Now we have received such a signal and our action was immediate, but on a human level we analyse everything. We wonder whether we did everything right, whether we could have done something more.

‘On a human level we are shocked.

‘None of us expected that we would have to deal with such a tragedy.’

According to local mayor Marian Pick, when social workers arrived at the house, Paulina was lying on the bed, fully clothed, saying that she felt bad and her stomach hurt.

The mayor said that after hearing fears that ‘something bad’ might have happened the social worker arrived the following afternoon, having previously been sent to investigate reports about the family,

He added that the previous suspicions had been rejected by a court.

Piotr, 54, and Paulina Gierasik, 20, allegedly dumped all three of the incest-born children in their basement

Police uncovered the dingy basement where Piotr Gierasik allegedly threw the newborn babies of his own daughter to die, wrapped in plastic and buried in shallow graves

The front door has been shut as Polish police continue their investigation

Pick told Fakt newspaper: ‘The social worker went there in the afternoon and met Paulina and her disabled brother.

‘At the beginning, their father was listening to the conversation, but our employee asked him to leave them alone, he must have lost his guard because he agreed.

‘Paulina was lying on the bed fully clothed, she said that she lied down because she didn’t feel well and her stomach hurt a bit.

‘A few days later, the police came to Czerniki, took Paulina to the hospital, the doctor confirmed that she had been pregnant, but there was no baby.

‘Then the police took the girl into custody and she said that the body was buried in the basement, but she added that there were two more bodies, i.e. three babies buried in the basement.

‘We are all shocked, this father can only be called a degenerate, nothing else.’

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