COVID-19 vaccines for kids under 12 expected by mid-winter: FDA official

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COVID-19 vaccines for kids under 12 could be available by early to mid-winter — offering relief to millions of parents, a Food and Drug Administration official said Thursday.

The agency hopes to authorize emergency use of the life-saving jabs for the age group and then move quickly to sign off on full FDA approval, the official said, according to NBC news.

The vaccine makers Moderna and Pfizer launched trials for kids under 12 in March and results are expected in the fall, officials have said.

It will then take the FDA — which needs four to six months of safety follow-up data for kids under age 12 — time to review the drug companies’ applications.

Last month, the Pfizer said it’s aiming to have a vaccine ready for children under 12 by September.

So far only vaccines for people 12 and up have been given emergency approval in the US.

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