Diego Maradona nurse 'admits lying about checking on him before he died' & health chiefs 'feared he'd been murdered'

DIEGO Maradona's nurse has admitted that she lied about giving the football legend a check-up on the day he died, it's reported.

A team of nurses had been taking care of the football legend after he had an operation earlier this month for a blood clot on his brain.

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A nurse working with Maradona told investigators she lied about entering his bedroom the morning he died, reports the Mirror.

Maradona died, aged 60, at his home near Buenos Aires, on Wednesday morning.

In a report to their employer, private medical firm Medidom, the nurse who had been on overnight duty said at 6.30am that Maradona was breathing normally.

The nurse who took over said that she heard Maradona use the toilet at 7:30am but did not enter his room.

She then claimed she tried to check Maradona's vital signs at 9:20am but he refused.

However, it is claimed that she did not check on him but instead was "made to lie" for the report.

Investigators said: “What the witness added…is that she was made to write in a report for Medidom…that she had tried to monitor Maradona’s vital signs when the reality is she let him rest.”

The nurse said that when she saw Maradona at noon he was non-responsive and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Medidom has not responded to the Mirror's claims.

Health chiefsalso initially feared the football star had been "murdered" and likened his death to a famous Argentinian mystery.

Health chiefs told the first doctors to respond to the call to "call prosecutors and the police. We don’t want another Garcia Belsunce case."

They were referring to the unsolved murder of Argentinian sociologist Maria Marta whose dead was treated initially as an accident when she was found dead in her bath.


State prosecutors are analysing CCTV footage near Maradona's home but have said there is nothing to point to any criminality.

Post-mortem results revealed Maradona had suffered heart failure caused by a blood clot.

As his body was brought to the presidential palace, fans clashed with police as they scrambled to get a glimpse of the Argentine football legend's casket in Buenos Aires.

Grief and passion boiled over as heartbroken supporters broke through barriers and brawled with riot police near the presidential palace.

Pictures also show hordes of tearful fans surrounding a white hearse as they desperately hoped for a glimpse of their hero's final journey through the capital.

Many of the mourners were in tears, and some wore the World Cup winner's famous 10 Argentina jersey as they gathered at the Casa Rosada.

Dozens of other shirts of different teams tossed in by weeping visitors were scattered on and around the casket.

Fans blew kisses as they passed Maradona's wooden casket in the main lobby of the Casa Rosada, some striking their chests with closed fists and shouting "Lets go Diego".

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