Drug dealer ‘kills and dismembers ex’ after she shared bikini pics on Twitter

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A drug dealer allegedly killed and dismembered his ex-girlfriend after she posted photos of herself in a bikini on social media.

Bianca Lourenco, 24, disappeared from the Kelson favela in the North Zone of the south-eastern Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

She had just posted pictures of herself on Twitter in a skimpy bikini on January 2 when she disappeared.

The snaps were shared to the site along with the caption: "If I were you, I would certainly hate me, too."

According to local media, police are investigating the case after some of her body parts were found in the area.

Her family has since accused her drug dealer ex-boyfriend of killing the beauty after she reportedly ended their relationship.

It is understood Bianca and her ex had been together for over a year before he allegedly became violent towards her.

A source, who has not been named, reportedly told local media: "This guy followed her to the bus station armed to stop her from travelling.

"He closed Avenida Brasil (a main thoroughfare in Rio de Janeiro) to kidnap her, but he didn't pull it off.

"He didn't in any way accept the end of their relationship."

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Bianca’s aunt said she went to look for her niece and found her ex drinking alcohol, who later allegedly told her he had killer her.

The family claim to have asked for Bianca’s body but the drug dealer allegedly changed his story and told them he "didn’t do anything."

Her loved ones have reportedly not filed a police report out of fear but the police are investigating the case, it has been reported.

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