Epic optical illusion makes it seem like a man is jumping off a cliff

Epic optical illusion makes it seem like an Aussie man is jumping into an abyss – but he’s doing anything but

  • Optical illusion has fooled Tik Tok as man captures moment he jumps off a ‘cliff’
  • Australian man was actually jumping from a balcony into a Melbourne backyard  
  • The video has gone viral with over 1.2 million views and more than 165,000 likes

Deceptive footage of a man appearing to jump off a ‘cliff’ has gone viral on TikTok. 

Viewers were left holding their breath as they watched Liam Attard cling to the railing of a seemingly high edge before suddenly lurching forward. 

Instead, Mr Attard was simply jumping from the balcony of a Melbourne Airbnb into the backyard, less than three metres below.   

Australian man Liam Attard (pictured) left viewers on the edge of their seats with a stunt

The clip was captioned ‘gotcha’ and has since been viewed over 1.2 million times with more than 165,000 likes. 

Viewers shocked they had been fooled into thinking the man was plunging to his death flooded the comment section.

‘My heart left my body and came back,’ wrote one viewer, while another said: ‘I think I stopped breathing.’ 

‘I cannot be the only one who thought he was on a big bridge ready to jump,’ a third said.

Mr Attard (pictured) was actually jumping from a balcony into a backyard that was less than three meters below

Many on Tik Tok fell for the optical illusion, believing Mr Attard (pictured) jumped from a drop of 2000 feet

‘Looked like it was a 2000 foot drop,’ another agreed. 

Mr Attard reassured everyone he was alive and well, admitting he had drunk ‘a few beers’ before trying the stunt.

‘I had no intention of the video looking like this. I was just recording me jumping off the balcony, it’s probably like 2.5-3m high,’ he explained.

Mr Attard  has since commented that he is fine and that he ‘had no intention of the video looking like this.’ Pictured: Mr Attard landing into the backyard from his jump

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