Ex-partner of father, 57, shot dead by police vows to get 'justice'

Ex-partner of father-of-two, 57, shot dead by police while carrying air rifle outside illegal lockdown party says officer who killed him should ‘hang for this’ as she vowed ‘justice’ for their sons

  • Graham Trinder, 57, was shot dead by police while holding air rifle in Swindon 
  • Mechanic believed to have been attending garden party when argument started
  • Ex Nikki Liddell, 53, mother to Graham’s two sons, speaks out over his death
  • She claims the father-of-two was holding an ‘air rifle’ he had ‘since he was a kid’

The former partner of a man shot and killed by police outside a party on Sunday has said she will fight for justice and the officer who fired the shot ‘will hang for this’. 

Graham Trinder, 57, was shot dead by police while carrying an air rifle outside an illegal lockdown party in Swindon, Wiltshire, after police were called to reports of an argument.

Today his ex Nikki Liddell, 53, who is mother to Graham’s sons Louis, 25, and Charlie, 22, has spoken out over the ‘proud’ father’s death.

Ms Liddell said: ‘You couldn’t have found a prouder dad to our two boys.

‘Our youngest son, Charlie, is in the RAF up in Birmingham, and Graham was so proud of him. He was so proud of both of them.

Nikki Liddell the ex-partner of Graham Trinder who was shot and killed by police after they responded to reports of two people arguing in Summers Street, Swindon

‘They loved him to absolute bits. That was their dad.

‘He was a good bloke. Regardless of what happened in our relationship, I would never diss their father – and I won’t have anything bad said about him now.’

She said: ‘It was just a stupid air rifle. He’d had it since he was a kid, he used to shoot cans in the garden with it. And now it’s come to this.

‘That police officer will hang for this. I’ll make sure of it. I’m going to see to it that my boys get the justice they deserve for their dad.

Graham Trinder, who is claimed to have been invited to an illegal Covid-19 drinks party in a garden, is said to have brandished the gun seen in this picture moments before he was shot

Police remain at Summers Street in Swindon, Wiltshire, where a 57-year-old man was shot after Wiltshire Police were called to an incident shortly after 2am on Sunday

An investigation has been launched by the Independent Office for Police Conduct and forensic experts were scouring the area

‘This is just totally wrong. What is wrong with the world?

‘Just because police have the authority to have guns, does not mean that they have to shoot them at a normal person, on a normal street.’

Paramedics rushed to the scene on Summers Street and gave Mr Trinder CPR but he died in the ambulance at 2.56am.

Ms Liddell  said that Graham, originally from South London, had lived in his home on Summer Street for 25 years – since his eldest son Louis was born.

Nikki Liddell the ex-partner of Graham Trinder who was shot and killed by police

She said: ‘All his neighbours loved him. They all said what a lovely fellow he was, and how he always said hello to them and their kids.

‘He would always include me in what was going on with the boys. We were always a family unit, even after we separated when Louis was about eight.

‘We would go for family meals together for the boys’ birthdays, and he would invite me round for barbecues or for dinner with the boys.

‘He looked like quite a hard man, with his bald head and big chest, but he was a loveable rogue.

‘I last saw him about a month ago, but we were always in contact over text.’  

Zoe Mosteller and her partner Martin, were socialising with their neighbours when they invited the passing stranger to join them as he was on his own, it was claimed.

Following a drinking binge, Martin and the man – Mr Trinder – became embattled in a neighbourhood dispute with emotions said to be running high before the man pulled out a hidden rifle.

Ms Liddell said that Graham had owned several properties – including one in Cyprus – and often used to take his sons travelling with him.

Zoe Mosteller and her partner Martin, pictured above, were having an evening socialising with their neighbours when they extended the invite to a lonely stranger

She said: ‘He used to love tinkering about with cars, and would always help the boys with theirs. He’d even help me with mine.’

And she added that nobody from the Independent Office for Police Conduct has yet come to visit her or Louis – who also lives in Swindon with his girlfriend. 

The IOPC said: ‘The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has begun an independent investigation following an incident involving officers from Wiltshire Police in Summers Street, Swindon at just after 2am on 8 November.

‘At this early stage it is believed a 57-year-old man has been fatally shot during the police response to reports of two men arguing in the street.

‘He was declared dead in an ambulance at 2.56am.

‘Our thoughts and sympathies are with all of those affected by this terrible incident.

‘OPC investigators are at the scene, and the post incident procedures where the key police witnesses will provide their initial accounts.

‘It is mandatory for us to conduct an independent investigation when the police fatally shoot a member of the public. We have established protocols with the police to ensure our investigations do not hinder their ability to conduct enquiries as part of their related investigations.’

The chairman of the Wiltshire Police Federation called for a prompt investigation by the watchdog.

Mark Andrews said: ‘Officers who volunteer and are authorised to carry firearms on behalf of society – and who bravely do so to protect the public – are highly trained and are some of the best colleagues we have.

‘Our thoughts are with all involved in this incident in Swindon and we are offering our colleagues our full support at this time as they go through the post-incident process.

‘We call upon the Independent Office for Police Conduct to bring their investigation to a prompt conclusion for the benefit of all concerned.

‘It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time due to the ongoing investigation.’

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