'Experienced' killer Wayne Couzens 'will have' struck BEFORE & should be quizzed over unsolved murders, says expert

"CONTROLLED and practised" cop Wayne Couzens "will have" struck before killing Sarah Everard, experts say.

Criminology Professor David Wilson said he has "no doubt" that police will be trying to link the warped killer to other unsolved crimes.

Couzens was today given a rare whole life tariff and is set to die in prison after he raped and murdered Sarah Everard in a fake Covid arrest.

The Met Police officer – who was wearing a police belt later used to strangle Sarah – prowled the dark streets looking for prey when he spotted the 33-year-old walking back from a friend's house in Clapham.

Professor Wilson, the Professor Emeritus of Criminology at Birmingham City University, described Couzens' actions as "very controlled and very practised".

He told the Sun: "They don't suggest to me the behaviours of someone who is simply demonstrating his first offence. 

"The behaviour is clearly part of his sexual fantasies. They don't come all at once but in dribs and drabs. 

"Everything about what happened on that night suggests to me that Couzens will have offended before."

He also pointed out the killer's age.

"He is also 48. That would be very, very late in my experience for someone to have acted on those sexual fantasies," Professor Wilson added.

He branded the use of police equipment – including handcuffs and the police belt later used to strangle Sarah – a "fetishized element".

Professor Wilson added: "In the weeks leading up to the abduction and the weeks prior to the murder he was found indecently exposing himself.

"One of the biggest learning points that I keep saying: indecent exposure is a serious offence that is an indicator of more serious offences. 

"He also had a nickname, 'The Rapist'. Colleagues obviously understood something wasn't right about Couzens.

"All of this suggests to me that Couzens will have offended before."

Couzens, who joined the Met Police in 2018, was charged with kidnap and murder more than a week after Sarah first vanished.

"Very controlled and very practised"

The cop, who worked on the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command unit, had finished a shift earlier on the morning of March 3 and was not on duty at the time of Sarah's disappearance.

Despite wiping his phone, data on the device linked Couzens to the abduction and eventually the area where Sarah was found.

While in custody, former mechanic Couzens was twice taken to hospital with head injuries.

After his arrest, the dedicated family man persona the monster tried creating began to crumble.

The married dad-of-two was revealed as a sex pest who contacted escorts and used a Match.com dating profile.

But even more sinister, it emerged Couzens had slipped through the net despite indulging in dark fantasies.

Judge blasts ‘self-pitying’ Wayne Couzens for showing NO remorse for ‘dreadful’ crimes

LORD Justice Falford slammed Wayne Couzens as he imposed a whole life sentence.

The judge said he "irretrievably damaged the lives of Sarah Everard's family and friends" after planning a violent attack for a month.

He added: "During the period before your arrest, there was never a moment when you gave the slightest indication of regret, following perhaps the realisation of the enormity of the dreadful crimes you had committed.

"Instead, you simultaneously attended to the inconsequential details of family life whilst grimly covering your tracks, with all the appearance of a man acting with quiet and unconcerned determination.

"The substantial CCTV footage and similar material does not give the slightest hint of someone in trauma, who has started to have second thoughts in the cold light of day about what they have done.

"Notwithstanding your guilty pleas, therefore, I have seen no evidence of genuine contrition on your part as opposed to evident self-pity and attempts by you to avoid or minimise the proper consequences of what you have done."

His creeped-out colleagues branded him "The Rapist" and knew he had a sadistic interest in violent porn.

The first incident against him was reported in 2002 before he joined the police.

Couzens allegedly exposed himself in a McDonald's in South London on February 28 – just three days before Sarah's murder.

A similar indecent exposure claim against him was also made in Kent in 2015.

But a catalogue of errors allowed vile Couzens to roam free and murder Sarah.

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