Father bitten by American Bully dog died of blood loss, inquest hears

Father, 65, who shouted ‘he’s got me’ as his son’s American Bully savaged his leg died of blood loss on living room floor, inquest hears

  • Man attacked by an American Bully dog died of loss of blood, the inquest found
  • Keven Jones had agreed to look after the dog while his son watched football
  • He was declared dead at his son’s in Holt Road, Wrexham, on 23 May

A man attacked by one of his son’s pet dogs has died of loss of blood, the North Wales inquest found.

A two-year-old American Bully dog known as Cookie sunk its teeth into the leg of Keven Jones, the father of owner.

His daughter-in-law Chanel Fong needed someone to help care for Cookie and their other four dogs while she went out, with the son Josh away at Wembley watching a football match.

She came in to the house on Holt Road, Wrexham, on 23 May and heard Keven shouting: ‘He’s got me’.

As she turned the corner, Fong found him laying on the floor, blood gushing from his leg. 

Keven Jones, 62, had gone to Wrexham to help look after his son’s dogs, one of which fatally attacked him on Monday

Cookie-Doe (pictured) was put down by a veterinarian at the scene following after he bit Keven Jones

Coroner John Gittins for North Wales East and Central, said police officers rushed to the house after ambulance staff applied a tourniquet to Jones’ leg — but they were unable to stop the bleeding.

The provisional cause of death was blood loss due to a leg injury, said Home Office pathologist Dr Matthew Lyall.

A police marksman sedated Cookie, and later euthanised the dog.

‘I watched two men I love so much take their last breath,’ said Fong, who described the dog as ‘not aggressive in the least’.

The coroner said that further investigations needed to be carried out by the police and his officers, adjourning the inquest to a full hearing to a date to be fixed.

Chanel Fong (pictured), partner to Keven’s son Josh, called the ambulance and administered CPR before the paramedics arrived, she says the dog was not aggressive

Josh (pictured) asked his father to look after his dogs while he went to London to watch Wrexham AFC play at Wembley in the non-league cup final

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