Father creates spectacular Christmas window art with spray-on snow

Window wonderland! Father-of-three creates spectacular Christmas window displays with spray-on snow

  • Scott Wilcock, 34, makes stunning art using only windows and spray-on snow
  • The father-of-two from Wigan started art as a hobby from home four years ago
  • He has now quit his mechanic job to pursue art full-time after honing his skills during the pandemic while he was furloughed from his blue-collar job
  • He said the move has paid off with his schedule booked up through the new year
  • Mr Wilcock has recreated scenes from Home Alone and other Christmas films and been commissioned by schools and private homes throughout the UK

A creative father-of-two has wowed viewers by creating spectacular festive window art using only spray-on snow.

Scott Wilcock, 34, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, uses tins of spray-on snow to make stunning art including recreations of scenes from classic Christmas films like Mircale on 34th Street and The Snowman.

He quit his job as a mechanic last year to work full time on his art after starting it as a hobby four years ago.

Mr Wilcock has garnered thousands of fans across the world after posting his work online and has said that he is entering his busiest period in the countdown to Christmas. 

The festive displays created by the father-of-two from Wigan, Greater Manchester, include classic scenes from Xmas films such as Miracle on 34th Street

Mr Wilcock (pictured) said the year since he went full-time with his art has been ‘very rewarding’ for him

Mr Wilcock says that Christmas is his busiest time of year and his bookings run into 2022

His hobby began four years ago and he took the leap and went full-time with his art this year

Mr Wilcock says he has been booked by both commercial and individual clients for his art 

His festive murals include Disney characters, Victorian fireplaces, picturesque snowy streets and worldwide recognised symbols of Christmas including the Coca Cola truck and the Polar Express.

Scott, whose company is called Snow Graffiti said: ‘This is my favourite and busiest time of year.

‘My favourite Christmas design has to be It’s A Wonderful Life, there was so much thought and meaning in it.

‘I love creating festive scenes with characters from customer’s favourite films and I have been commissioned to create a number of windows featuring a loved one.

Mr Wilcock said his favourite scene to recreate is from classic Xmas film It’s A Wonderful Life

All Mr Wilcock’s art requires is spray-on snow and a window pane or wall to use as a canvas

The iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck was a previous festive creation by Mr Wilcock

This year’s festive feature was a scene from Miracle on 34th Street (pictured in progrees)

‘People really enjoy the snow scenes with the reindeers and woodland creatures have been very popular this year.’

Despite the incredible detail that goes into his designs, Scott can create pieces in a matter of hours.

He said: ‘All my art is done completely freehand. I only use snow spray, brushes and scrapers.

‘Depending on the size of the window, a piece can take me anything from a couple of hours to all day.’

‘He discovered the extent of his artistic talent during lockdown when he was furloughed.

Mr Wilcock’s stunning work has won him millions of likes online and thousands of followers

Mr Wilcock’s diary is booked into the new year as his gamble on quitting his day job pays off 

Mr Wilcock is also known to mix Christmas films such as The Snowman and the Polar Express

 The artist is making a name for himself nationwide having been headhunted to create murals across the country

‘He said: ‘I’d been doing art scenes as a hobby for around 4 years, but no portrait work.

‘Then in lockdown all the gyms closed and I painted an airbrushed portrait on the walls of my gym.

‘It’s something I always wanted to do but never had the chance. When I had to time to practice I realised how much I loved it.’ 

He said: ‘I’m very lucky. I’m rammed with work and booked up for most of 2022 already.’

The artist is making a name for himself nationwide having been headhunted to create murals across the country, including work for schools and in private homes.

He added: ‘In little over a year I have been booked from Newcastle to London.

‘This year has been very rewarding because a lot of customers have put their trust in me to recreate their loved ones portraits who sadly are no longer with us. Seeing a customer’s reaction and how much it has meant to them is really touching.

‘I am very passionate about what I do and I want to give my customers the very best work I can create.

‘I ask customers what they would like on their windows and they get to choose details, they have been very creative with their designs this year.

Mr Wilcock has been commissioned by private homes and schools as his venture takes off

Mr Wilcock does not stick to just films and also creates generic Christmas scenes in his work

Private clients have asked for family members and even pets to be added to festive scenes

‘Some also tell me to just ‘work my magic’ as they like to have a surprise reveal, it means a lot to me when customers also trust in my own designs too.’

Scott has two daughters, Maisie, 8, and Alice, 5, and Maisie is following in her father’s footsteps, practising her own snow art and has even created tutorials online.

Scott likes to include his family in his work and said: ‘It’s exciting discussing ideas with my wife and the kid’s imaginations can go through the roof.

This December, the family home is showcasing Miracle on 34th Street and Home Alone.

Asked if he can believe the success he has had in little over 12 months, Scott said: ‘To quit a stable job during a pandemic was daunting but I believed it would happen.

‘I’ve given it my all, I had a gut feeling it would work.’

Scott’s videos have been viewed more than 5.2 million times on TikTok and he now has more than 170,000 followers. 

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