Fire crews called after 10ft python spotted in sleepy village

A 10FT python on the loose caused shock in a sleepy village.

A biker spotted it in the road before it climbed a tree in Conington, Cambs.

Fire crews cut a branch and it fell onto a sheet in Conington, Cambs.

The RSPCA is now seeking its owner.

RSPCA Inspector Justin Stubbs, who attended the scene, said the snake appeared to be "cold and a little underweight" when it was rescued.

He said: "When I saw the snake in the branches I knew it was going to be tricky to get him down because he was so high up.

"I've rescued hundreds of animals from trees over my 25 years with the RSPCA – cats, birds, foxes – and I've been called to many snakes too.

"But I wasn't expecting to see this stunning animal wrapped high up around tree branches in the English countryside!"

Anyone with information about where this snake might have come from is urged to contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.

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