Fly tippers dump mounds of rubbish stretching 70ft outside new £900 million hospital as locals blast 'it's like a slum'

FURIOUS locals have blasted fly tippers for dumping a mound of rubbish stretching 70ft outside a new £900 million hospital. 

Homeowners say the huge mountain of waste have left their area looking like a "Third World slum".

Shocking pictures show the disgusting mounds of rodent-infested trash left along Abberley Street and Dugdale Street in Smethwick, West Mids.

Piles of household and garden waste, including furniture, mattresses, fence panels, children's toys and black bags, can be seen stacked up at the roadside.

It was left just yards away from the state-of-the-art Midland Metropolitan Hospital, which is currently being built and is due to open in 2022. 

Residents are now calling on tougher action and for more CCTV to be installed in the area after claiming the fly-tipped filth has gone uncollected for more than a month.

Dad-of-one Daniel Ward, 33, said: "They can find almost a billion pounds to build a swanky new hospital but they can't find the resources to keep our area clean.

"The hospital is probably going to be in a perfect position because God knows what you will catch walking along those streets.

"The area is repeatedly being used as a gigantic skip and nothing seems to be done because it's been sitting there for over a month.

"There's rats and all sorts, there must be over a hundred bin liners there – I can't believe people can be so selfish, it makes my blood boil.”

He said the pile of filth was unlikely to be the work of one person as there “so much of it there”. 

Another local dad-of-three Mo Singh, 44, who lives on nearby Rotton Park Road, added: "It's frankly disgusting and it makes the area look like a Third World slum.

"They are trying to smarten up the area for the Commonwealth Games aquatic centre and building a brand new hospital yet the council do nothing to clean this mess up.

“And it's quite ironic that such a public health issue is sitting yards away from a brand new state-of-the art hospital. You couldn't make it up really.”

Mr Singh called for tougher penalties for fly tipping to help act as a deterrent. 

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: "There's never an excuse for littering or fly-tipping our streets – regardless of if it is private or council-owned land.

"It shows no respect to our city or the people who live and work here. We all have a personal responsibility to safely dispose of our own waste.

"We have enforcement staff that can and do issue fixed penalty notices, with court action pursued where this is appropriate.

"But in order to prosecute, we need evidence and eyewitness accounts – so would urge anyone with any information on any case to get in touch with us as soon as possible after.”

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