Future of Savile’s Scottish lair to be decided by locals

The future of a cottage in the Scottish Highlands where prolific paedophile Jimmy Savile is thought to have abused up to 20 people is to have its future decided locals.

DJ and serial child abuser Savile lived in the two-bedroom bungalow at Allt-na-Reigh, in Glencoe, from 1998 until he died in 2011.

The pervert’s lair – which is on the A82 between Fort William and Glasgow and has been regularly vandalised with graffiti – was subsequently bought for £212,000 at auction, but renovation work never got under way and it’s now in the hands of the family of retail tycoon Harris Aslam, reports the Daily Record.

Before Savile tarnished the building’s history by using it as his lair, it was once home to mountaineering legend Hamish MacInnes, founder of the Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team and the driving force behind the wider mountain rescue movement in Scotland.

Mr Aslam, director of convenience store operator Eros Retail, is thought to have bought it from a builder for £335,000 along with his cousin and business partner Raza Rehman.

He wants to turn it into a family home given its “beautiful location” and honour MacInnes at the same time, but he says he’s keen to hear what locals have to say about the idea first.

He told the Lochaber Times: “I am aware of its history but think something positive can be done with it.

“We're looking at various options at the moment that could possibly involve some kind of permanent tribute to Hamish MacInnes, which would be fantastic.

“It is such an amazing location but we also want to know what local people think. Over the years it's been subjected to a lot of vandalism and people are always breaking in.

“We'd like to do something the community could support so that everyone can be collectively proud of the end result.”

Mr Aslam, who is planning to host an online public consultation next Tuesday to gauge local opinion, said it was thought MacInnes had invented his revolutionary MacInnes stretcher and ice axe at the property.

He added: “It really appeals to me to provide some kind of tribute or memorial to Hamish MacInnes. We're not sure of what that might actually look like or what form it would take, but it's something I'd love to do.

“Yes, the property does have a dark history, but only for a certain period. I think we can do something really positive with it and I'd like to hear what people think.”

Savile first set eyes on the cottage during a cycling holiday in 1944. His guests at the property included Prince Charles, who once had dinner there. It was also featured in the famous Louis Theroux documentary When Louis Met Jimmy.

Residents have told how he would wander around Glencoe in a Highland kilt waving at tourists.

One local has described how when he once asked for Savile’s autograph, he was instead left with a message that said “'lost girls” should visit him.

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