Girl mauled by dog wakes up every morning with ‘punched eye’ three years later

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A girl savaged "like a rag doll" in a dog attack wakes up with a 'punched' eye every morning.

Little Tillie Vasey was aged just four-years-old in July 2018 when mauled by a neighbour's pitbull.

Tillie, now eight, is reminded daily of the life-changing incident which ripped out her left tear duct and scarred her scalp all over.

No matter how much time has past, mum Leanne Vasey, 34, is still overwhelmed by emotion when recalling the day she found her daughter drenched in blood.

Leanne told the Daily Star: "It was the World Cup final we’ve come back to watch the game, I was in the kitchen making tea when I heard lots of screaming out the front, loads of screaming.

"Tillie was playing with this girl next door. I just heard screaming, the next minute I saw someone bring her up and it looked like someone had put face paint on her face.

"I didn’t think anything of it to be fair but when I went out I saw her face was cut everywhere. I thought it was just face paint because it was all red."

The crazed 12-year-old dog named Caesar was destroyed as a result and his unsympathetic owner was banned from keeping dogs for life.

Sensationally ahead of the March 2019 trial Holt blamed Tillie over Facebook.

She claimed: "It's her own fault she gone that low. My dog didn't bite her, he clawed her to get away."

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The dog owner was also handed a three month jail term, suspended for 18 months, and 140 hours of unpaid work.

But more than three years later, brave Tillie is still paying the price for the dog's sinking its jaws into her face.

Every three months she must go into hospital to have a replacement tear duct either put in or taken out.

The result, mum Leanne says is that without fail Tillie will wake up each morning with a swollen eye where fluid has built up.

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Leanne said: "Tear ducts are what stop your eyes from watering and your nose from running.

"When Tillie wakes up every morning it looks like she’s been punched in the eye, it’s so swollen because it’s been constantly watering at night there’s nowhere to for it to go.

"When we cry we get a runny nose and things like that but because she has no tear duct, that doesn’t happen. It just pours out of her eye so she’s always getting eye infections and stuff."

The solution she says is a stent implant from America which would drain the fluid through a tube however it is currently proving hard to get.

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It is not just Tillie's left eye that remains of the vicious dog attack, her head is covered in scars which is something constantly on the eight-year-old's mind.

"It’s affected her confidence, because it bit her on her head. Her scalp is full of scars," Leanne said.

She added: "You know going to school she has to have her hair a certain way because if we don’t then you can see her scars and if it’s windy outside she gets a bit paranoid so she flips her hair to the other side to cover up her scars.

"Because she’s getting older now, kids start to ask what’s this scar? what’s that scar? Why is you eye like that? She comes home and says why are they asking me this?

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"I’m hoping when she’s older she can get a hair transplant because for a girl to have missing hair where her scars are its hard so we can hide it for her."

Fortunately unlike her mum, Tillie has not been left completely terrified of dogs but occasionally her trauma can rise to the surface.

Leanne said: "She likes little dogs but if one comes running then she’s scared.

"She doesn’t mind little ones but if we’re walking say at the park and a dog comes running towards her without her seeing it she goes into a massive panic, she just does not like it. "

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