Golden retriever loves selling fruit in adorable outfits on family farm

An adorable golden retriever has become a local fruit selling celebrity for his stylish hats and charming customer service.

Jubjib was roped into the family business, helping to harvest and sell the world's smelliest fruit, Durians, in Thailand.

He has proven such a popular employee since joining in 2014, that his face is now the farm's logo and can be seen on the packaging on various other products.

Nothing screams for an annual photoshoot quite like a golden retriever surrounded by a harvest which is why the farm has pictured him in all his finery, beside mountains of durians for the last six years.

It would not be a new photo opportunity however without a new outfit for Jubjib to happily model while keeping the beaming sun off his face to help him keep cool.

Jubjib just might be key to the farm's recent success, given their primary produce has been compared to smelling like raw sewage and rotting flesh.

My Modern Met says the large, spiky fruit is so pungent that authorities in Thailand's neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia, have banned it from public places.

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A heightened strength of smell compared to humans might be enough to put any poor dog off from working beside piles and piles of durians.

Not one to let his hard-working family down, Jubjib has persevered with the job at hand – looking irresistibly cute come harvest time.

A decision was made at Jiff Jif Durian Garden Fresh to immortalise Jubjib in sticker form for packaging on various other products in response to his online popularity.

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Followers of the Jubjibdurain Facebook page just cannot get enough of the pooch.

And this time of year is what fans and customers alike have been looking forward to for the best part of the last 12 months – durian harvest season.

What dazzling new hat and neckerchief combination Jubjib will appear in next, remains to be seen.

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