Government gives ALL teachers a day off for the Jubilee bank holiday

Government gives ALL teachers an extra day off to make up for Platinum Jubilee bank holiday falling over half term – amid fears over ‘lost learning’ as schools continue to catch up from pandemic

  • Parents have reacted with bewilderment at the extra day off for the teachers
  • Amendment to law on the the academic year was passed through Parliament
  • It meant number of days in school was shortened to let staff have extra day
  • This is despite teachers already being off for the jubilee in half-term break 

The government has given all teachers an extra day off to make up for the Platinum Jubilee falling over half term.  

Staff at schools across the country have been handed the additional break by the Department for Education, who has Nadhim Zahawi as Secretary of State.

The government shortened the academic year by one in response to the Queen’s historic celebrations.

Announcing the change, the National Education Union said: ‘Schools not already on half-term break on the day of the bank holiday will be able to close that day. 

‘Most schools will, however, be on half-term at the time of the bank holiday.

‘This change to the regulations will allow maintained schools to be able to close at another time to give staff and students an extra day off.’

Most schools have opted to take the extra day on the last week of the year, meaning schools shut on Thursday rather than Friday next month.

School children are having another day off to mark the jubilee despite already having half term

British Secretary of State for Education Nadhim Zahawi departs No 10 yesterday after meeting

MailOnline can disclose the extra day off was actually enshrined in law and even went before Parliament. It was called The Education (School Day and School Year) (England) (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2021.

And the National Education Union pointed out: ‘If the additional bank holiday falls during half-term week, all schools, LA or MAT will be able to identify another day of ‘holiday’ elsewhere in the year on which the school will be closed and all staff given a day’s paid holiday.   

‘Employers should be consulting with the NEU and making arrangements to ensure that none of our members are treated less favourably.’  

But parents have responded with disbelief at the extra day’s break.

One said: ‘They have agreed to give teachers the last day of term off to allow them to “benefit” from last week’s jubilee Bank holiday.

‘Despite the fact they have missed so much school and you can’t take your kids out of School for any reason’

‘I wanted to raise this as it beggars belief that School Staff need a day off to compensate them for the Bank holiday falling in half term. Let’s hope they don’t set a precedent for all Bank Holidays, that fall in school holidays, going forward.’

Another added: ”Just realised because the Queen’s jubilee bank holiday is during a half term when they’re already on holiday, the teachers at the little ones school have given themselves a “bank holiday” at the end of July to make up for it. Cracks me up.’

A further said: ‘Essentially teachers are getting an extra bank holiday to compensate that fact the Queen’s platinum jubilee falls during half term next June. 

‘That’s a bit much isn’t it?’

It comes despite a government study in April finding that the ‘effects of the pandemic on pupils, staff and leaders were evident’.

The research found pupils’ learning and personal development continued to be hindered by school closures during lockdowns and continued to have an impact on attendance levels.

And headteachers consulted in the study cited ‘the negative impact of the pandemic on pupils’ wellbeing and behaviour.

The DfE has been approached for comment. 

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