Great white shark swims inches from laughing fishermen in terrifying footage

This is the astonishing moment a huge great white shark does a “drive-by” beneath the boat of startled fishermen who clamor to film the encounter with the beast on their mobile phones.

In the footage, three men can be heard laughing in shock and discussing the shark they just saw – which without their knowledge has turned back and is swimming straight towards them.

Joking about the size of the supersized shark, one man said to his pal: “You said it was four foot and I looked behind and thought, ‘Get f***ed!’”

"Yeah well I only saw it coming at us from that,” the other fisherman says while gesturing further out.

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Then, apparently having a taste for drama as well as fish, the shark – which actually appears to be closer to 12ft long – returns.

"Here it comes, here it comes," says one of the fishermen, as they all ready themselves and their phones for the second encounter.

"It's coming straight at us isn't he?" one of the fishermen says as a dark shadow in the water edges closer and closer.

The shark then pokes its fin through the surface of the water and gets within touching distance – before mysteriously disappearing beneath the boat.

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Despite running around the other side of the deck, the fishermen cannot find the shark, which seems to have vanished silently into the depths.

Reedy's Rigs shared the video on their Instagram account, with the caption "Great White shark does a drive-by", where it has been seen more than 500 times in just two hours.

The video has already made an impression, with many people sounding jealous of the hair-raising encounter.

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"Wow that’s pretty big," said an impressed viewer of the footage, which was filmed off the coast of South Australia.

Another fan and apparent shark-lover wrote: "That’s the best".

This comes after a “battle-scarred” great white shark with shredded fins swam past cage divers in a stunning clip.

And a diver claimed he was just "inches from death" when a great white shark suddenly charged towards him.

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