Greta Thunberg dismisses Glasgow climate conference

Greta Thunberg dismisses Glasgow climate conference as ‘the most excluding Cop ever’ and a ‘two week celebration of business as usual and blah blah blah’

  • Greta Thunberg criticised COP26 summit for being ‘most excluding COP ever’
  • The 18-year-old has called the conference in Glasgow a ‘greenwash festival’
  • Comes after she said heads of government  not doing enough to save planet 

Greta Thunberg has denounced the climate change summit in Glasgow for being the ‘most excluding COP ever’ and called the international conference a ‘greenwash festival’.

The 18-year-old climate change activist, who arrived in Glasgow by train on Sunday, slammed world leaders attending COP26 and said it was instead ‘a two week celebration of business as usual’.

Her comments come just days after Miss Thunberg criticised world leaders for ‘whatever the f*** they are doing in there’ during a demonstration at Festival Park in Glasgow. 

Taking to Twitter today the Swedish activist wrote: ‘COP26 has been named the must excluding COP ever. 

Greta Thunberg criticised the climate change summit in Glasgow for being the ‘most excluding COP ever’ 

The 18-year-old climate change activist said it was instead ‘a two week celebration of business as usual’ in a post on Twitter

‘This is no longer a climate conference. This is a Global North greenwash festival. A two week celebration of business as usual and blah blah blah.’    

On Monday Miss Thunberg said that heads of government were not doing enough to save the planet from disaster at a demonstration on the first day of the Cop26 summit.

She said: ‘No more blah blah blah, no more whatever the f*** they are doing inside there.

‘Inside Cop, there are just politicians and people in power pretending to take our future seriously, pretending to take the present seriously. 

‘Change is not going to come from inside there, that is not leadership – this is leadership… We say no more blah blah blah, no more exploitation of people and the planet.’ 

As heads of Government from around the world discussed what could be done to save the planet from ruin, the Swedish eco activist later appeared to lay the blame for looming natural disasters squarely on them as she riled up her fellow activists with a chant of: ‘You can shove your climate crisis up your a***’.       

On Monday morning, Miss Thunberg along with fellow campaigner Vanessa Nakate, from Uganda, met with the First Minister, who tweeted: ‘The voices of young people like @GretaThunberg and @vanessa-vash must be heard loudly and clearly at Cop26 – the next few days should not be comfortable for leaders, the responsibility to act must be felt.’

Miss Thunberg has previously been critical of the Scottish Government’s climate policy, saying that the country was ‘not a leader on climate change’, as the First Minister had previously stated.

Miss Thunberg said that heads of government were not doing enough to save the planet from disaster at a demonstration 

The teenage activist  was also filmed singing ‘You can shove your climate crisis up your a**e’ while outside COP26

The Swede has pledged to go ‘net-zero’ – a term commonly used by those aiming to balance out the harm they cause on the environment – by ‘saying something nice’ every time she swears

Scotland has pledged to cut emissions by 75 per cent by 2030 and be net zero by 2045, but the last three years of targets have been missed. 

Nicola Sturgeon has said that world leaders gathering in Glasgow for the Cop26 climate summit should feel ‘bloody uncomfortable’ for not ‘doing enough’ to tackle global warming.

Ms Sturgeon, speaking as the crucial summit began, insisted: ‘Every climate promise must be kept. Frankly none of them are being kept right now.’

Speaking at an event hosted by the environmental organisation WWF, she told how she had just met Ms Thunberg and another young climate activist, Vanessa Nakate from Uganda.

Ms Sturgeon said: ‘Those voices often, including for me, are really uncomfortable at times, because they make us confront the hard realities of our own lack of delivery.

‘But my goodness they are so important to shake the gatherings that will take place here over the next few days out of the sense of complacency that surrounds them all too often.’

She continued: ‘If we only face up to the easy, relatively easy things we won’t get anywhere. This has to be a moment that leaders, all of us, whether we are round that negotiating table or not, are held to account for the reality of what we promise not for the rhetoric of it.’

World leaders pose for a group photo during an evening reception to mark the opening day of the COP26 summit in Glasgow

Last week Miss Thunberg was being interviewed by Andrew Marr when she was asked about the recent protests by eco-zealots Insulate Britain.

She said: ‘To make clear, as long as no-one gets hurt, then I think sometimes you need to anger some people.

‘Like, for instance, the school strike movement would never have become so big if there wasn’t friction, if some people didn’t get p***ed off.’    

Yesterday, Miss Thunberg promised to go ‘net zero’ on swearing as Extinction Rebellion protestors were arrested during COP26 clashes with police.

The 18-year-old strolled into a debate alone on Wednesday, much to the surprise of police and security officials who had been expecting her in a car. 

Announcing her pledge to her five million followers on Twitter, the 18-year-old said: ‘I am pleased to announce that I’ve decided to go net-zero on swear words and bad language.

‘In the event that I should say something inappropriate, I pledge to compensate that by saying something nice.’


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