Grieving family bury stranger’s dead child after shocking hospital error

A grieving family have shared their horror after a hospital blunder meant they buried a stranger's child following the death of their newborn baby.

The tragic infant died soon after he was born in Winnipeg, Canada, despite frantic efforts to save him.

Parents Alice Kinak and Tony Alagalak held a funeral for their son, only to be contacted days later and told that the coffin would have to be dug up because of the shocking mistake.

Alice was airlifted to St Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg from a health centre in Arviat, Nunavut, close to their home, on April 19.

Their son was in a critical condition, but sadly medics were unable to save his life.

His body was released a few days later by the hospital and delivered to the parents so they could hold a funeral.

But on May 15, hospital officials contacted the family and said they needed to have a meeting.

It was there that they learned the wrong body had been delivered to Arviat.

Mr Alagalak told CBC : "I would really like to know who made that mistake and why it happened.

"I don't think that should ever happen.

"It was like putting an extra thousand pounds on my shoulders knowing that our son was misplaced."

The hospital has declined to comment on the error.

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