Harry ‘looked nervous’ in chapel before ‘showing world’ his unity with William

Prince Harry appeared "nervous" while sitting alone at Prince Philip's funeral but later showed "signals of unity" with brother Prince William after the service, a body language expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex made his first public appearance alongside other members of the Royal Family today (April 17) since his explosive Oprah Winfrey interview.

During the procession towards St George's Chapel, Harry and William were separated by their cousin Peter Phillips following their alleged feud over recent years.

But after the service, the pair were spotted walking and chatting together along with Kate Middleton.

Body language expert Judi James exclusively told Daily Star that the moment came as a surprise to royal watchers.

She said: "After a very un-revealing arrival, where they walked without acknowledging or eye-checking each other on the way to the chapel, William and Harry suddenly gave the world the sight of the body language signals of unity at last as they walked out together after the service.

"It came so late it was a surprise. Harry had looked increasingly anxious through the start of the funeral, performing some self-comfort rituals like tapping his leg and rolling his shoulders, while William had just stared ahead with a somber expression."

During the ceremony, Harry sat alone in the chapel while William and Kate with other senior members of the Royal Family sat on the opposite side.

When the service was over, Harry walked up to the altar and bowed before leaving while William followed behind Prince Edward and his family towards the exit.

"William and Kate left ahead of Harry with still no acknowledgment but once outside Harry moved to catch up with them and, with no apparent expressions of surprise, William and Kate moved to let him walk between them," Judi told this site.

"Their body language also looked reasonably relaxed and it was not the kind of over-congruent display you can often get when two people try to pretend they are over some form of friction or fall-out."

She also pointed out that the chat appeared to continue longer as the two brothers made their way back to the royal residence, which suggested Harry and William "had already been talking prior the funeral".

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