Head of Met unit which cleared rapist David Carrick went on to top job

Revealed: Head of Met’s ‘Line of Duty’ unit which cleared depraved cop rapist David Carrick of any wrongdoing despite shock allegations went on to become senior police chief for City of London

  • The head of a police unit which cleared rapist David Carrick went on to a top job
  • Carrick raped and abused multiple women while working as a Met Police officer 

The head of the policing ‘Line of Duty’ unit which failed to flag allegations about serial rapist officer David Carrick went on to land a top job.

Paul Betts ran the Department of Professional Standards (DPS) at the Met which found that Carrick, arrested on suspicion of rape, had ‘no case to answer’ for misconduct.

The decision was taken just months after Sarah Everard was murdered by another Met Police officer.

Betts and his colleagues failed to uncover Carrick’s track record of domestic violence, assault and burglary. 

Met Officer David Carrick was revealed to be one of the UK’s worst rapists last week 

Paul Betts ran the Department of Professional Standards which cleared Carrick before he was allowed to return to work following a rape claim

The DPS investigated itself after Carrick was arrested for rape by Hertfordshire Police in October 2021.

The group found that none of its own members should face misconduct charges and allowed Carrick to return to work, The Mirror reported.

An incident in 2019 when Carrick allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck was also not considered to be worthy of misconduct.

The DPS did not check Carrick’s record when they allowed him to go back to work after the rape claim.

Betts went on to become Assistant Commissioner of City of London Police in January 2022.

Carrick has admitted to more than 70 sexual offences against 12 women while he was a Met Police officer.

Police were alerted to his behaviour eight times between 2000 and 2021, most of which while he was serving on the force before he was finally caught.

Last week, Carrick was exposed as one of the UK’s worst rapists. He carried out 85 sex attacks on women who he locked in cupboards, urinated on and forced to clean his house naked. 

Women said Carrick locked them in a tiny cupboard under the stairs of his Hertfordshire home for 10 hours, controlled what they ate, and cut them off from their family. 

Carrick used his position as a police officer to gain the trust of and intimidate the women he attacked

Others described being dragged to the shower by their hair, whipped with belts and being told ‘you’re my slave, you’re a whore’.

Carrick passed vetting procedures to join the Met in 2001 despite allegations of malicious communications and burglary against an ex-partner the previous year.

He was accused of harassment and assault against a former partner while still in his probationary period in 2002 but the matter was not referred to the Directorate of Professional Standards.

Nicknamed ‘Ba***ard Dave’, he abused and tortured 12 victims over nearly two decades after telling victims ‘I’m a police officer, you can trust me’ and flashing his warrant card. 

Carrick continued to serve while using his position of power as a police officer to violently abuse women until October 2021.

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