Heartless ‘Grinch’ gang steal half of toys collected for disadvantaged children

A group of heartless thieves stole from a Christmas toy drive for kids just one day before an annual holiday gift giving was planned.

The event, which is organised every year for Alazan-Apache residents in San Antonio, was raided by thieves on Friday December 18.

Toys were stolen during a break-in at a community centre by an evil grinch and his comrades just a day before the gifts had been scheduled to be delivered.

Neighbours in the area had coined together to provide presents for more than 200 disadvantaged children, and had to be re-stocked with just hours to go.

After word of the theft spread, thousands of donations flooded in for the toy-drive, with trucks of gifts and monetary donations arriving for San Antonio residents.

SAHA Board Chairwoman Ana Margarita Guzman said: "I will tell you that it brings tears to my eyes.

"The message from all of the residents that came to give us toys was, ‘we do not want any child left behind without toys."

The re-stock was so successful that the housing association is making plans to extend the toy donation past the Alazan-Apache area, of which the average income is just $9,000.

Other organisations are also stepping in to help the SAHA after the theft, with members of the Christian motorcycle group, Servants of the Cross, planning their own toy distribution program following the theft.

  • Kind strangers chip in to make sure kids don't go without presents at Christmas

Chapter founder Danny Lopez told KSAT: “We want to put the message out that regardless of bad doings and evil things that are going out in the city of San Antonio that there’s still good people that want to help and give back and make sure that they have good Christmases as well.”

Users on Reddit were left dumbfounded following the threat, with one user stating: “I think we need to bring back public shaming. Prison obviously doesn’t work, and fines only hurt the poor. Intense shame may keep people in line.

A second said: “Yup…and be on your guard because this year a bunch more people are going to be desperate. Is that an excuse? No, but it is a reality.”

“That’s a strange thing to wanna steal,” added a third.

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