Heartwarming moment terminally-ill man treated to motorbike drive-by

Watch heartwarming moment a terminally-ill former Speedway rider, 78, is treated to a motorbike drive-by outside his care home

  • David Wildman’s, 78, final request was to ‘have one more wave at some bikes’ 
  • Hundreds of bikers drove past him ‘within hours’ of the request being made

This is the heartwarming moment a terminally ill former Speedway rider had his final request granted as hundreds of bikers drove past his care home.

David Wildman, 78, has been passionate about bikes all of his life. He was diagnosed with cancer last year and the illness is terminal.

Care home bosses arranged for the ride outside Albert House Residential Home in Colne, near Burnley, Lancashire, on Sunday, January 29.

Dawn Murphy was stunned when hundreds of bikers from across the region drove past the care home ‘within hours’ of issuing a plea on social media.

She said: ‘David said to me “I’d love to have one more wave at some bikes” and I thought, I’ve got to make it happen.

Former Speedway rider David Wildman, 78, has been passionate about bikes all of his life

The heartwarming moment bikers from across the region showed up outside Mr Wildman’s care home to grant his final wish 

‘His face said it all. There were people clapping and cheering. The community did him proudly.

‘I’m very honoured we were able to do one last thing for him.’

Dawn said Mr Wildman, who does not have any close family, told her: ‘You don’t know how much this has meant to me, thank you. I can’t believe people have done this for me.’

Crowds lined the streets and staff were left in tears as bikers honked their horns and revved their engines, much to Mr Wildman’s delight.

Mr Wildman, with care home staff at Albert House Residential Home in Colne, near Burnley, Lancashire

Mr Wildman, a keen speedway rider when he was younger, wished to ‘wave at some bikes’ one last time 

Mr Wildman was a keen speedway rider when he was younger and an avid fan of the Belle Vue Aces team.

Dawn posted her plea at lunchtime and four hours later, the streets were packed with bikers.

She had posted on Facebook: ‘I have been looking after a man who has been a bike enthusiast all his life and has put his life and soul into Speedway.

‘I can’t tell you how much it would mean to him if any bike riders could ride past Albert House at 4pm today and give him a wave.

‘I know it is short notice but he is reaching his time to join other enthusiasts in the sky and he told me yesterday he would love to wave at some bikes going past the home.

‘If you could take 15 mins out of your life to give David Wildman his last wish. Please help make this happen.’

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