Hoarder home given first deep clean in 20 years as filthy house had unusable loo

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    A hoarder's house that hadn't been deep cleaned in 20 years was left unrecognisable after it was scrubbed from top to toe.

    When cleaner couple James Kilburn and Kimberley Trevett arrived at the south Kent property it was covered in dirt, with both the kitchen and bathroom coated in limescale and grime. The house had been allowed to get so mucky the toilet and sink were unusable.

    But the pair, who founded Hygenia Cleaning four months ago, decided to take on the challenge of restoring the home to its former glory – and cleared it out in just one day.

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    James, 26, said: "We got sent a series of videos and pictures, but we still wanted to see it in person. It was exactly like the before pictures, we were just really up for sticking our teeth into something that big, it was definitely one of the biggest jobs that we've taken on."

    Despite the state of the property, somebody did call it home and their hoarding habits may have contributed to the house's unkempt appearance. "Someone was living there, it was just neglected and he was a hoarder at some point, so I think over time he didn't realise what he was living in," James continued.

    "But we understand sometimes cleaning itself is a long and tiresome process, so for some people not wanting to do that is completely understandable."

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    James and Kimberley, 21, were called into the property to get rid of any potentially harmful substances before tradespeople started renovating. Construction workers refused to even enter the home before Hygenia got to work.

    And while the couple charged the landlady for 16 hours' of work – eight hours each – they were worried that might not be enough time to finish the job. James said: "About half way through the job I said to my partner, 'Do you think we have bitten off more than we can chew here?'

    "She said, 'Absolutely not'. I had a moment of doubt and she pulled me through."

    James said most of the couple's time was spent in the kitchen and bathroom, with 80% of his time spent in the two rooms. "Dedication paid off and we got through it," he said. I was real happy with the results, all in just eight hours.

    "We just love seeing the good results, we love going in and making a good relationship with our clients."

    And while cleaning a filthy hoarder's house might not be everyone's cup of tea, Hygenia are looking to get more mucky houses on their books – and are even looking for some more sombre projects.

    "We're looking to get into more hoarders' houses and crime scene cleaning," James explained. "It's just great to get your teeth into something big."

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