‘Honeytrap killer’ squirms in call to young son after luring victim with sex

A woman branded the "honeytrap killer" phoned her young son after being arrested and lied about why she couldn't come home.

Surpreet Dhillon, 36, drugged her victim after seducing him and called two men to kill him in his own home.

The victim, Saul Murray, aged 33, died during the robbery after he was targeted online by her, reports the Mirror.

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She gave the dad-of-six the sedative GHB after having sex with him at his flat in Luton in February last year.

In the latest 24 Hours in Police Custody two-parter, called “The Honeytrap Murder”, Dhillon is seen weeping after she is charged with murder before speaking to her son on the phone.

She lies: “I’m still here, I’ve got to sort some stuff out with them. I’m going to be home in the next couple of weeks.”

Apparently asked by the boy if she was suspected of murder, she replies: “No, they got that wrong, I’m helping them with it. I’m just helping them, that’s not true okay?”

But Dhillon never did go home after she was jailed at Luton Crown Court for 10 years having been found guilty of manslaughter.

Det Insp Dale Mepstead tells the programme: “It makes me feel quite sad because I’m a mum myself. Getting involved in all that stuff means she’s now likely to go to prison and what impact will that have on her children?

“Saul’s got lots of children as well and what’s happened to him is going to have a big impact on their lives. I just think it’s quite sad really.”

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Dhillon and Temidayo Awe, 21, went to Saul’s home after he posted pictures of his two “Rolex” watches on Instagram. The pair drugged him but failed to knock him out.

The film includes CCTV of knifeman Ikem Affia, 31, and Cleon Brown, 29, arriving at the flat to rob and ultimately kill their victim.

Shocking images then show a naked Murray following his killers to his front door before collapsing in a pool of blood.

His body was discovered on February 27 last year. He had bled to death from a wound to a major artery in his leg.

Police later identified Affia by his designer Moncler puffer coat he was wearing.

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Affia is shown on film carrying a large knife as he left the murder scene.

Police also used GPS readings from the Mercedes hired by the gang to place the car at the scene of the crime.

Brown is shown on CCTV using a vacuum cleaner at a petrol station to clean the car after the attack had taken place.

A jury found Affia, of Hackney, London, guilty of murder following a trial.

Dhillon, of Stratford, Brown, 29, of Hackney, both east London, and Awe, of Gillingham, Kent, were convicted of manslaughter.


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