Horned Trump rioter says he’s QAnon ‘shaman’ trying to ‘bring down paedo ring’

A diehard Donald Trump supporter who stormed the US Capitol last night wearing horns and a buffalo cap is a QAnon member who claims he is a “hyperdimensional being”.

Jake Angeli, 32, from Arizona in the US, regularly turns up to Trump rallies in costume and bearing a sign reading “Q sent me”.

He breached Congress last night with a mob of protesters furious at the President’s election defeat.

Angeli was pictured just steps away from the Senate chamber, clutching a spear with a US flag attached.

He repeatedly makes unfounded claims that governments across the world are run by a New World Order.

He yesterday told news site ORF: “What they do is they use their billions or trillions of dollars to create a bunch of deep underground bases where they have all this, like, highly top-secret technology going on.”

Angeli bizarrely suggests that Trump is waging war against so-called human trafficking and paedophile rings – a belief rooted in the QAnon conspiracy theory, which first emerged on anonymous messaging board 4chan back in 2017.

Hundreds of thousands of people, and perhaps even millions, subscribe to the baseless claims.

Angeli added: “When it comes to President Trump, what you have to understand is that he is like the good cop that’s coming out and doing what it is that a lot of people don’t want him to do in this cabal, in this global organisation.

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“They thought that he was a part of their group because he was at, you know, their parties and he’s been pictured with Jeffrey Epstein and s**t like that.

“But he also kicked Jeffrey Epstein out of the hotel when he found out he was hitting on 15-year-old girls and stuff. From very early on, he made it clear he wasn’t a part of that.”

During last night’s chaos, one woman died after being shot and three other people died after suffering "medical emergencies", according to police chief Robert Contee.

Along with Angeli, others dressed as frontiersmen, bandits and soldiers – with several Confederacy flags spotted.

He has previously been spotted at rallies to re-open businesses shut in Arizona during the coronavirus pandemic, and at protests contesting election results in the state.

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Angeli sells courses on how to battle “dark forces” on his Facebook page, Star Seed Academy-The Enlightenment & Ascension Mystery School.

He claims he used to serve in the Navy, and began taking more psychoactive plants when he returned home.

Angeli – who first got high when he was 11 – believes they are inhabited by spirits “that relay information that is not readable by the conscious mind”.

Describing his unique costume, he claimed that he is “on the side of God”.

He continued: "In order to beat this evil occultic force you need a light occultic force. You need an occultic force that is on the side of God, of the angels, rather than the side of the demons.

"As a shaman, I am a multidimensional or hyperdimensional being. I am able to perceive multiple different frequencies of light beyond my five senses.

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"It allows me to see into these other higher dimensions where these entities, these rapists, these paedophiles, these murderers hide in the shadows in.

"Nobody can see that as the third eye ain't open, that's where stuff like fluoride and that comes in.”

Trump finally promised an “orderly transition” of power today, having already told the mob: “We love you.”

The US President was temporarily suspended from Twitter and Facebook and was forced to post a statement through White House spokesman Dan Scavino.

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