Horror moment woman plunges 70ft off bridge in car but miraculously is unhurt

Terrifying CCTV shows a woman drive her car through a barrier and off an overpass and then plummet 70ft – miraculously escaping from the wreckage unhurt.

In the heart-stopping footage, the driver is heading down the Zoo Interchange in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when she suddenly smashes through the guard rails and spins through the air towards the ground.

The clip was released after the driver, 27-year-old Kelce Brianna Gold, appeared in court on drink-drive charges and pleaded not guilty.

Instead of calling the police, she rang her boyfriend and sat in the wrecked car for more than an hour until a witness spotted her, reports Mail Online.

The witness said: "All I saw was a car like off to my left there and in pieces and I just wanted to make sure it was someone that had already been taken care of.

"I wanted to make sure there's not like a human being sitting in the car."

The crash happened at around 3:30 am on Sunday, February 14, and officers from Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department were filmed on bodycam talking to the driver.

An officer shines a torch at her and says: "Alright ma'am I have medical coming and I don't want to move you until then."

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He says he knows it is cold and the woman replies: "No, I understand."

The sound of sirens then gets louder and louder and the officer assures the woman that the ambulance will be there very soon.

Less than two weeks before the crash, another driver, Richard Oliver, plunged 70ft from the same spot after hitting a bank of snow.

He was driving a pickup truck and also survived.

"It is stunning that both drivers stayed alive," said Michael Pyritz, the regional communications manager for WisDOT which maintains the overpass.

"You very seldom hear something like that," he added.

"In my time with the department, this is only the third time that something like this has occurred, two of them being in this year.

"So certainly there's a rarity with that, where you don't expect that to happen."

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