Huge fire rips through homes in Italy – 100 flee as dozens of firefighters tackle blaze

Turin: Huge blaze tears through building in Italy

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The blaze began in the attic of a building close to the main train station before quickly spreading to nearby properties.

Dozens of firefighters are battling to bring the fire under control – several hours after they rushed to the scene.

Local fire chief Agatino Carrolo said: “The situation is critical. The fire is raging and we are trying to create a barrage with the hoses, but it is a very difficult to reach it at that height.”

Police believe a welder working on a safe might have accidentally sparked the fire.

This sent clouds of thick black smoke high into Turin’s skyline.

Local media have reported the fire triggered explosions in some gas tanks, which spread the flames quickly to other buildings.

Five people were reported to be injured, but none with life-threatening injuries.

The blaze in the Italian city comes less than a week after a huge fire destroyed a luxury apartment block in nearby Milan.


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