Huge flash floods kill at least 70 and destroy entire neighbourhoods

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Floods in Afghanistan have killed at least 70 people and destroyed homes.

Rescue teams are currently trying to recover bodies trapped under rubble in the country's northern Parwan province.

At least 66 people died and 90 were injured in the area,

Many children were among the dead in the town of Charikar, which was hit by heavy rain overnight.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has ordered aid be delivered to the affected provinces.

However, flooding has blocked access to roads leading to the areas.

More than a thousand people have been displaced in Parwan in the chaos.

Ahmad Tameem Azimi, the spokesman of the Disaster Management Ministry, said residents were warned about possible flooding on Tuesday in a social media alert.

He added that hundreds of acres of agricultural land have been wiped out, with crops devastated in the eastern Nuristan province.

The floods have also wreaked havoc in the northern Kapisa, Panjshir and eastern Paktia provinces.

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