Huge inferno engulfs top floors of new skyscraper

A huge fire engulfed the top floors of a brand new skyscraper – sending flaming debris falling hundreds of feet.

Video showed flames pouring from the top of the 420ft building in the Polish capital of Warsaw.

The blaze broke out just after 11pm local time – and the Warsaw Hub area of the city was placed on lockdown to protect pedestrians from falling debris.

Flaming wreckage reportedly fell from the 25th floor.

Polish media said three storeys of the building were on fire until is was eventually extinguished at 5am.

The skyscraper is unfinished and scaffolding and cranes still surround the structure.

There was no-one inside at the time and are no reports of injuries.

Sixty firefighters battled for six hours to get the blaze under control.

It was feared the lack of wind in Warsaw currently could cause bad pollution, with no breeze to carry the plumes away.

Fire service spokesman Mariusz Hantulski confirmed materials had fallen from the 25th floor.

He added: "No one has stayed in the building from the information we have at the moment."

Spokesman Karol Kierzkowski described the mission as "very difficult", but said there was no danger of the flames spreading to neighbouring buildings.

The Warsaw Hub is a series of three buildings under construction that have been since 2016.

The burning building was due for completion in early 2020.

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