Humiliated Putin ‘didn’t expect Russia to be so vulnerable’

Ukraine has recorded a string of successful strikes on Russian military bases and facilities including docks, airfields and ammunition stores. Most recently Ukranian forces mounted a daring missile strike that struck the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea.

Russian strategists appear unable to combat Ukraine’s use of UAVs and Western-supplied missiles to hit targets far from the frontlines.

Though unconfirmed, Ukraine is likely benefiting from battlefield information gathered by US and NATO surveillance aircraft and satellites operating in the region.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have also been quick to evolve new tactics taking advantage of the latest advances in drone technology.

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This combination is proving very effective at breaking through Russian air defences and radar.

Sharing his thoughts on Ukraine’s success rate with hitting sensitive Russian targets, RAF veteran Sean Bell told Sky News that Western precision weaponry as given the country a “symmetric advantage” against their Russian foes.

He notes that Western supplies have outfitted Ukraine with more modern systems than Russia can field in some areas.

Mr Bell said: “Russia would never have expected to be so vulnerable to Ukrainian attack, so is now having to use limited supplies of air defence weapons, soldiers and other military capability in a defensive role rather than on offence.

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“This might not prove decisive but does increase Ukraine’s prospects of a breakthrough of the frontlines and erodes Russia’s ability to prevent any breakthrough becoming catastrophic.”

Ukraine has made great use of underwater drones to target ships of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

Waves of UAVs have also been sent to overwhelm Russian air defences in Crimea paving the way for targetted missile strikes.

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